The DataPath senior leadership team has over a century of combined, hands-on experience in the benefits administration software industry.

We’ve carved out our place and earned our reputation as a leader in our industry by combining thoughtful, experienced leadership with a commitment to continuous improvement. We possess extensive industry knowledge with thought leaders who have dedicated their professional lives to making the marketplace better.

Notable accomplishments from our Leadership team include:

  • Co-founding the Special Interest Group for IIAS Standards (SIGIS)
  • Meeting with the US Treasury to provide expertise on healthcare payment methods
  • Serving as members of the Board of Directors for the Employers Council on Flexible Compensation
  • Pioneering new solutions for the HSA industry
  • Holding patents for HSA and credit card related innovations
  • Leading and advising non-profit organizations in local communities

DataPath leadership is industry leadership. We are a growing, privately-held company that has been in business under the same ownership since 1984. In fact, we’ve been in this market longer than any of our competitors, and we’re here to stay.

Learn more about the DataPath Senior Leadership Team below.

John Robbins, Jr. is the President/CEO of DataPath, Inc., with responsibility for molding the company’s vision and providing the leadership needed to stay at the forefront of the consumer-driven healthcare industry. He has more than 25 years of CDH industry experience. Since becoming CEO in 2011, John has led the ...

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Sean Cox, Chief Revenue Officer, is responsible for leading DataPath’s sales, implementation, account management, and customer service departments. He joined the company in 2016. Sean is a strategic and analytical leader with expertise in sales, operations, process development, and finance. Prior to joining DataPath, Sean spent over 15 years in sales ...

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As Chief Marketing Officer, Bo Armstrong leads all marketing and product initiatives for DataPath. He joined the company in 2015 and has over 20 years of marketing leadership experience. Prior to joining DataPath, Bo held multiple leadership positions at companies ranging in size from Fortune 500 to start-ups.  He has ...

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As Chief Technology Officer, Adam Rockers is responsible for ensuring that DataPath’s technology delivers a modern, secure, and superb experience to our clients. Adam possesses firsthand, expert knowledge of both DataPath’s cloud-based Summit platform and the complexities of benefits administration. Adam started his career with DataPath in 2002. Over the ...

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Chris Gunderman joined DataPath as Chief Financial Officer in 2016. He brings with him over two decades of financial accountability and leadership experience in both the public and private sectors. Chris began his career with KPMG, one of the world’s ‘Big Four’ accounting firms, and then moved on to a ...

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Glen Hoffman is the Vice President of Investment Services, and is a DataPath company principal. Since joining the company in 1992, Glen has been instrumental to DataPath’s growth and success through his innovative products and thoughtful leadership. He is the architect behind our best-in-class HSAToday® platform. Glen has been designing, ...

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As Director for Strategic Partnerships, Charles Robbins is responsible for identifying new TPA partnership opportunities and optimizing the overall TPA partner experience with DataPath. Charles has over two decades of experience in the consumer-driven healthcare market.  His career with DataPath over the past 20 years has spanned many departments, including ...

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