Sean Cox – Chief Revenue Officer

Sean Cox

Sean Cox, Chief Revenue Officer, is responsible for leading DataPath’s sales, implementation, account management, and customer service departments. He joined the company in 2016.

Sean is a strategic and analytical leader with expertise in sales, operations, process development, and finance. Prior to joining DataPath, Sean spent over 15 years in sales leadership positions for multiple Fortune 500 companies, including operations planning for a sales organization of over 2000.  In addition, he successfully managed eight- and nine-figure revenue and expense budgets.

Sean has a proven record for achieving dramatic improvement in sales team productivity and performance through operational changes and streamlined processes across multiple markets. With particular strengths in leadership, sales management, talent development, forecasting, budgeting, and analysis, he is an excellent listener, adviser, and collaborator.

He holds a BBA in Accounting from Georgia Southern University and an MBA from Colorado State University.

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