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Student Loan Assistance and Financial Well-Being

Student loan debt continues to be a significant financial burden for millions of Americans. More than half of college students finance their education with loans, whether they attend public or private four-year institutions. As of 2023, according to Forbes, total student loan debt (including federal and private loans) stood at $1.75 trillion, or an average of $28,950 per borrower. With the moratorium on student loan payments ending in October 2023, millions of borrowers are now

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How A Mid-Year Coverage Change Affects HSA Contribution Limits

When HSA account holders undergo life events that alter their health insurance coverage – such as marriage, divorce, the death of a spouse, the birth of a child, or adoption – their annual HSA contribution limit may also be affected. Here’s what you need to know. The Full-Contribution Rule First, let’s discuss the Full-Contribution Rule, also called the “greater of” rule. Introduced by the IRS in 2008 (refer to IRS Notice 2008-52), this rule details

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Understanding COBRA Eligibility: Who Qualifies and When?

Understanding the intricacies of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) can be challenging for employers and employees alike. It may be especially daunting when trying to understand who qualifies for COBRA coverage and when they qualify.  What is COBRA? COBRA is a federal law enacted in 1985 that requires employers with 20 or more employees to offer continuation coverage. This applies only to employees and their dependents whose coverage would end due to qualifying

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HSA Contribution Limits Announced

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently announced updated HSA annual contribution limits. An important part of consumer-directed healthcare, HSAs offer participants enrolled in HSA-qualified (HDHP) health plans a way to save on taxes while setting aside money for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for themselves and their families.

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Demystifying Healthcare Costs: Employee Tips to Maximize Benefits and Save Money

Healthcare costs can be confusing, but with the right knowledge and strategies, just about everyone can navigate this complex landscape effectively. Below are some helpful tips for employees to maximize their benefits and save money in the process.  Understanding Healthcare Costs Before diving into cost-saving tips, it’s essential to understand the various healthcare cost components. Healthcare expenses can include premiums, deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket maximums. Additionally, there may be other costs associated with prescription

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HSAs and Tax Filings

HSAs provide a tax-advantaged financial tool for reducing out-of-pocket healthcare expenses and retirement savings. However, because the funds contributed to your account are pre-tax, you must account for them on your tax returns. If you’re filing HSA tax information for the first time, you may have questions about the 1099-SA form and where you get it. You may also have questions about Form 8889 and Form 5498. Here is the information you’re looking for. HSA

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Infographic: Benefits Administration Software Top Features

The following infographic outlines the must-have features of benefits administration software for third party benefits administrators. If your solution doesn’t have all of these, it may be time to upgrade. To streamline your workflow and increase the bottom line, look for these features and capabilities.

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Small Businesses and Viable Employee Benefits

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 99.9% of American businesses are considered small in terms of employment, with fewer than 500 workers on the payroll. While all companies struggle at times with hiring, retaining, and engaging talent, the challenge for small businesses can be greater due to having a comparatively leaner benefits program. However, as more creative benefits enter the marketplace, small businesses may find more viable employee benefit options. Small Businesses Employment Challenges Recent

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Infographic: Negative Impacts of a Multi-Platform Approach

Using a multi-platform approach to CDH and COBRA benefits administration can create a host of problems for third party benefits administrators. The following infographic highlights the negative impacts of a multi-platform approach and examines the benefits of a single solution.

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