Inflation Reduction Act

Inflation Reduction Act May Impact Employer-Sponsored Health Plans

President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) into law on August 16, 2022. Among other provisions, the IRA: Addresses aspects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Requires Medicare to negotiate drug prices with manufacturers Caps the cost of prescribed insulin for Medicare recipients at $35 a month Provides an insulin safe harbor for high-deductible … More >>

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Help Avoid Travel Stress with FSA, HSA, and LSA Eligible Purchases

Experts predicted that travel would be hectic this summer and fall, and boy, they weren’t kidding. Whether vacationing or resuming business travel, you’ve had to deal with high gas prices and delayed, if not entirely canceled flights, among other stressful issues. Check out these FSA, HSA, and LSA eligible expenses that can help ease travel … More >>

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back to school

Use Your FSA to Stock Up On Back-To-School Supplies

The annual school supplies shopping trip can be an expensive endeavor. Did you know that some items commonly found on classroom supply lists are eligible for FSA accounts? Read on to learn more. FSA for Back-to-School Basic first-aid supplies and COVID-related PPE, including masks and hand sanitizer, are on many back-to-school supply lists this year. … More >>

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Lower the Stress of Enrollment Season

Many TPAs are already in the throes of annual enrollment planning and promotion. This can be a highly stressful time of year, and with the current labor market, things may be more stressful than usual. You need your staff to stay relaxed, calm, and collected to provide the best possible service to your employer groups. … More >>

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National Health Information Awards Winner 2022

DataPath’s one-of-a-kind employee education and engagement program, Captain Contributor, earns another national award. LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS (August 2, 2022) – DataPath, Inc., a leading developer of technology solutions for employer-sponsored benefits, has been named a National Health Information Awards (NHIA) winner for 2022. This is the company’s third NHIA award and 11th national award overall … More >>

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Intro to COBRA and State Continuation

The thought of losing health insurance coverage is scary. This informative blog answers the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about COBRA by participants. If you’re a COBRA administrator, this page is a great resource for your employer groups. This extensive list of FAQs describes what COBRA is, who qualifies, how coverage works and more.

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Lowering the Obstacles to Successful FSA Usage

Flexible spending accounts (FSAs) are the oldest tax-advantaged healthcare spending account currently available and by far the most common. Yet many workers still don’t feel they really understand them. That’s borne out by the relatively low adoption rate at many companies, despite tax savings as high as 40% on the funds set aside. Plus, despite … More >>

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sleep workplace

Sleep and the Workplace: An Ultimate Guide

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 1 in 3 Americans does not get enough sleep. This can lead to significant health issues as well as problems with workplace performance. Sleep Recommendations Adults age 18 and up should get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep a night. For those who have trouble doing … More >>

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Quick Quide to HSA Eligible Expenses

Since they were enacted in 2003, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) have become an integral part of the consumer directed healthcare landscape for those with a high deductible health plan. One of the chief benefits of having an HSA is that account holders can use that money to pay for a wide range of eligible medical expenses for themselves, their spouses, and their tax dependents.

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Obesity and Rising Healthcare Costs

Over the years, unrealistic body standards have increased with the rise of social media. Yet despite all the pressure, obesity in America has never been higher and is a significant health concern. The impact of obesity on healthcare needs and demand is actually considered a factor in rising healthcare costs. What causes obesity in America? … More >>

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Do You Know About PCORI?

Do you know how PCORI affects patients and employers? Learn more here. Two of the biggest drivers of escalating healthcare costs are the lack of knowledge about the cost of medical services and the low levels of engagement from patients in their healthcare decisions. Thanks to healthcare consumerism, this is starting to change. Healthcare consumerism … More >>

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Digital Health Award

DataPath Wins 2022 Digital Health Award

DataPath garners 10th national award for employee education and engagement program LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS (June 17, 2022) – DataPath, Inc., a leading developer of technology solutions for third party benefits administration, has been selected for a Bronze Award in the 24th annual Digital Health Awards® program. The company was honored for a comic book about Health Reimbursement … More >>

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ICHRAs can help businesses provide big benefits

Attractive benefits plans are essential in today’s labor market. Smaller businesses in particular often struggle to find affordable group health insurance plans that comply with ACA regulations. Take a look at how an Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement, or ICHRA, can help businesses. What is an ICHRA? ICHRAs are an attractive option for both employers and their … More >>

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How do Medicare Set Aside Accounts Work?

A Medicare Set Aside account, also known as an MSA, is an important component of the workers’ compensation payment landscape. Here’s the essential information you need to know about who qualifies for them, how they work, approved expenses, etc. What is a Medicare Set Aside Account? A Medicare Set Aside Account (MSA) is a settlement … More >>

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Hiring Troubles? How Current Employees May Help

Many employers are having trouble filling job openings. Avenues to attract new employees – from signing bonuses to additional paid time off – haven’t solved the problem. Human resources experts suggest looking within to see how current employees may be able to help. Reconsider Job Requirements In 2021, Forbes reported that only 36% of Americans 25 and … More >>

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