Adam Rockers – Chief Technology Officer

Adam Rockers

As Chief Technology Officer, Adam Rockers is responsible for ensuring that DataPath’s technology delivers a modern, secure, and superb experience to our clients. Adam possesses firsthand, expert knowledge of both DataPath’s cloud-based Summit platform and the complexities of benefits administration.

Adam started his career with DataPath in 2002. Over the past two decades, he has accepted increasing responsibilities, demonstrating both in-depth knowledge of system development processes and leadership excellence. Adam oversees all aspects and strategic planning for the DataPath technology teams.

Adam has two decades of experience in the benefits administration industry, developing software platforms that administer 105, 125, 132, and HSA plans as well as COBRA, card solutions, and Fulfillment.  He possesses a comprehensive understanding of the company’s solutions and network infrastructure.

Adam’s responsibilities include setting the technology strategy for DataPath, improving processes, and delivering quality and superior functionality to our clients.  As Chief Technology Officer, he oversees the collaboration between the Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management, and IT teams.

Adam received his BS in Computer Science from Arkansas State University.   

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