TPA Growth is Linked to Addressing Gaps in Benefits Education – New DataPath Whitepaper

Whitepaper: Addressing Education Gaps is Key to TPA Growth

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS (December 12, 2019) – DataPath, Inc., a leading developer of technology solutions for employer-sponsored benefits administration, announced today the release of a whitepaper titled, “Addressing Education Gaps is Key to TPA Growth.” In the whitepaper, DataPath summarizes findings from a survey they conducted in August 2019 that focuses on employees and their benefits knowledge. The technology firm also offers helpful suggestions for employers and third party administrators to fill the benefits education gaps.

“Today’s healthcare consumers have access to more information about healthcare benefits than ever before,” says Bo Armstrong, Chief Marketing Officer at DataPath. “Yet, it seems that many struggle to understand their benefits and how to use them. Our goal with this survey was to gain insight into how much consumers actually know about their healthcare benefits and in what ways TPAs can help them become more informed consumers.”

The online survey received 400 responses from people who have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Participants were asked a series of questions about their familiarity with their health benefit plans, and how their knowledge (or lack of it), affects their healthcare decisions. They were also asked to rate the ease of performing basic online tasks required to manage their HSAs or FSAs.

The survey yielded evidence that a healthcare education gap does exist for many consumers. Based on the survey results, DataPath recommends several strategies for third party administrators to help close the education gap and create more confident healthcare consumers.

“We continually look for new and innovative ways to help people understand and engage with their benefits, and these survey results help,” continues Bo Armstrong. “We hope to eliminate the confusion regarding healthcare benefits so consumers can have more confidence in the decisions they make.”

Read “Addressing Education Gaps is Key to TPA Growth” with all the survey findings here.

About DataPath: For 40 years, DataPath has been a pivotal force in the employee benefits, financial services, and insurance industries. The company’s flagship DataPath Summit platform offers an integrated solution for managing CDH, HSA, Well-Being, COBRA, and Billing. Through its partnership with Accelergent Growth Solutions, DataPath also offers expert BPO services, automation, outsourced customer service, and award-winning marketing services.

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