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HSA management (including investments) is made easy with Summit HSA


When you’re ready to compete in the lucrative HSA market, Summit HSA is ready. Summit is a cloud-based, all-in-one HSA management solution that offers TPAs the ability to increase revenue without taking on a lot of work. In addition, with Summit’s seamless functionality, you can administer FSAs, HRAs, COBRA and other employer-sponsored benefits within a single solution. These features can help you boost your bottom line and deliver greater client satisfaction. Blaze a path to better HSA administration, more revenue, and stronger client relationships with Summit HSA!


Why Choose Summit HSA?

Summit enables you to offer clients and account holders a convenient and robust ‘one-stop shop’ for every HSA-related need with centralized HSA management, banking and investments in a secure, web-based environment.

  • Custodial Platform – With Summit HSA there is no need for separate partnerships with banks or other entities. DataPath offers centralized custodial banking services in addition to a robust HSA administration platform.
  • Expense Self-certification – Summit’s settings enable your participants to self-certify their HSA expenses, decreasing the amount of time you spend managing accounts.
  • Patented ClaimsVault® – Account holders can easily store and access their receipts and other documentation in our patented ‘electronic shoebox.’
  • Convenient HSA debit card– With the Summit HSA debit card, participants can receive quick, secure access to their tax exempt funds. MCC or IIAS restrictions can also be enabled.
  • Industry-Leading Customer Support – DataPath’s commitment to customer support is unparalleled in the industry. Our professional, courteous support team is knowledgeable and responsive to your needs and concerns.
  • Easy Participant Portal and Mobile App – With an internet connection, participants can enroll online, view account activity, pay providers, manage investments, access tax information and submit and store receipts. Many features are also available to participants through the mobile app.
  • Low Investment Threshold – Account holders can start investing their funds when their balance reaches $1,000. This allows them to grow their accounts quickly and easily without gimmicks.

All these features and more make Summit HSA the most convenient, easy to use HSA management system on the market. Unlike banks and other HSA platform providers, DataPath services the accounts by reconciling payments, contributions, distributions and interest payments. Plus, TPAs don’t have to worry about reviewing expenses, leaving administrators with more time to build stronger client relationships. HSA administration has never been easier!



McGregor & Associates, Inc.

We have shopped around, and we cannot find another HSA platform that offers what DataPath offers. The reporting, customer service, ease of ability to use the system – you won’t find that anywhere else.

Raquita Rowland HSA Division Manager

HSA Management Challenges Solved by Summit HSA

Summit allows administrators to cash in on the booming HSA market by giving them the ability to charge for the service. Summit adds value to both the employer and account holder experience with services and resources not usually offered by bank-hosted health savings accounts. Referring clients to a bank results in missed revenue for you and opens the door to frustration for your clients from the inconvenience of having multiple administrative providers.

Summit’s minimum for investing is $1,000, which means that account holders can start investing earlier and their dollars can grow quicker. Plus, employees can choose from a wide range of investment options tailored to their savings strategy. Investments are also customizable based on the account holder’s risk tolerance.

Summit provides a secure online portal that allows account holders and employers to manage their accounts. Employers may also use the portal to add company dollars to employees’ accounts.

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hsa management

Confident Investing

Help account holders invest their HSA dollars with confidence so they can grow their account balances quickly. Multiple bins are available, and users may access educational tools such as investment prospectus, RIA-developed lifestyle models, and detailed investor statements. DataPath has a licensed, in-house advisor who provides thoughtful, experienced guidance on investments.

hsa management

Convenient HSA Debit Card

HSA owners need an account-linked debit card so they can use their money easily and avoid the hassle of claims submission. Provide account owners quick, single-source access to their pre-tax dollars with the Summit debit card. Plus, claims paid using the Summit debit card are auto-substantiated at the point of purchase, greatly reducing your claim processing workload and the incidence of “pay and chase.”

hsa management

Accessible Claims and Receipts

Provide convenient, any-time access to claims and receipts for account holders. DataPath’s patented electronic ClaimsVault® allows access to stored documents as long as the account holder maintains an active Summit HSA account.

hsa management

State-of-Art Mobile App

Mobile apps are essential in today’s high tech world. Enable account holders to view their accounts, monitor card activity, and manage personal information using DataPath’s handy Summit mobile app, available for both Android and iPhone.

hsa management

Industry-Leading Customer Support

Give your clients the best in customer support. DataPath’s commitment to customer support is unparalleled, and we work directly with clients to address their concerns and exceed their expectations.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Available account information and support, 24/7, for administrators, employers, and account holders
  • Simplified HSA administration processes for account setup, contribution processing, expense certification, tax document preparation and notifications to account holders
  • MCC-restricted and IIAS-integrated debit card prevents tax penalties resulting from ineligible use
  • Accessible tax forms that may be viewed, printed, and filled out online. Receive assistance with forms 1099, 8889, and 5438
  • Secure Office of Foreign Assets Control identity verification with results management


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