Cloud-based HSA Software

Versatile HSA administration solution, featuring banking and investments

Summit equips TPAs to take advantage of the ever-growing Health Savings Account market.

Summit is a comprehensive, cloud-based HSA software solution that enables TPAs to take advantage of a thriving market. By the end of 2022, HSA accounts are expected to exceed 35 million, up from 28.5 million in 2019.

With Summit, you can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you choose. Offer employers and account holders a better benefits experience with centralized HSA administration, mobile app, debit cards, flexible banking options, and integrated investments in a secure, web-based environment.

Build stronger client relationships, improve healthcare satisfaction, and level-up your revenue with Summit HSA!

Summit enables you to offer employers and account holders a convenient ‘one-stop shop’ for every HSA-related need with centralized HSA administration, flexible banking options, and integrated investments in a secure, web-based environment.

HSA Administration - One-stop Shop

One-stop Shop

Summit packages simple HSA administration, centralized banking, and integrated investments together in a single HSA software solution.

HSA Administration - Expense Self-Certification

Expense Self-Certification

You can enable Summit’s settings to allow participants to self-certify their HSA expenses and decrease the amount of time you spend managing accounts.

HSA Software - Easy Participant Portal

Easy Participant Portal

Participants can use the online portal to enroll in their HSA, make elections, view account activity, pay providers, manage investments, access tax information, and submit and store receipts through the convenient HSA software web portal.

HSA Administration - Higher Level of Service

Higher Level of Service

Summit provides compliant plan document templates that can be customized or TPAs can upload and share their own. You can also perform nondiscrimination testing in the portal. 

Confident HSA Investing

Confident HSA Investing

Account holders can invest with confidence and grow their account balances quickly. Users have access to educational tools such as investment prospectuses, RIA-developed lifestyle models, and detailed investor statements.

Convenient Debit Card

Convenient Debit Card

With the Summit HSA debit card, participants have quick, secure access to their tax exempt funds. MCC or IIAS restrictions can also be enabled. 

Mobile App

Mobile App

HSA owners can view and edit their profile, check account balances and purchases, upload receipts, file claims, and manage investments through the convenient mobile app.

HSA Software

And More!

Accessible tax forms may be viewed, printed, and filled out online. Account holders can also receive assistance with forms 1099, 8889, and 5438. Summit HSA also offers secure Office of Foreign Assets Control identity verification with results management.

All these features and more make Summit the most convenient, easy-to-use HSA software platform on the market. DataPath also services the accounts by reconciling payments, contributions, distributions and interest payments, and we provide industry-leading customer support. Plus, TPAs don’t have to worry about reviewing expenses, leaving more time to build stronger client relationships. HSA administration has never been easier! 


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We found DataPath to be a wonderful partner...look forward to many years in the future.

Dick Boever Principal

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