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DataPath Summit offers flexible, cloud-based FSA administration for TPAs, including healthcare FSAs, limited purpose FSAs, and dependent care FSAs.

Summit promotes efficient FSA administration for TPAs with:

  • Quick account setup with default settings and wizards.
  • Customizable plan setup for nearly unlimited plan designs, contribution schedules, and reimbursement settings. Create plan templates that can be used with other similar plans.
  • Convenient mobile app allows participants to check balances, upload receipts, and submit claims from their handheld devices.
  • Account-linked FSA debit card with stacked benefit environment and customizable behaviors. DataPath does not require prefunding for card transactions.

Go beyond your current FSA administration software capabilities with DataPath Summit.

FSA Administration Software - Streamlined Plan Setup

Streamlined Plan Setup

Using Summit’s default settings and wizards, you can set up plans quickly and easily. Summit also enables TPAs to create plan templates that can be utilized with other similar plans.

FSA Administration Software - Real-time Data

Real-time Data

When changes are made in the cloud-based platform, records and data are updated and those changes are visible immediately.

FSA Administration Software - Customizable Card Behavior

Customizable Card Behavior

If desired, TPAs can customize card behavior per each employer plan, rather than per plan type. You can also edit MCCs without having to submit a ticket to our support team.

Go Beyond Prefunding Limitations

Go Beyond Prefunding Limitations

DataPath does not require employer group prefunding for card transactions. We assume the risk on behalf of our clients.

FSA Administration Software - Powerful Data Exchange

Powerful Data Exchange

Import plan participants and dependents, enrollments, claims, and contributions.

Higher Level of Service

Higher Level of Service

Summit provides compliant plan document templates that TPAs can customize, or you can upload and share your own. You can also perform nondiscrimination testing in the portal.

Go Beyond with BPO Services

Go Beyond with BPO Services

Let us handle your participant enrollments, contribution processing, and claims processing accurately and at affordable rates. Focus on what you do best.

Convenient Mobile App

Convenient Mobile App

The Summit mobile app allows participants to view and update their account information on-the-go. Plus, they can submit claims and upload receipts directly from their smartphones and tablets.

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FSA Administration Software
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FSA Administration Software

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