Summit - Cloud Based Benefits Administration Software

Seamless benefits administration solution for FSA, HRA, HSA, Dependent Care, Transit, COBRA and more

Summit is the only true all-in-one cloud based solution, with seamless benefits administration for CDH accounts, HSAs, COBRA, and billing.

Designed and built with the needs of TPAs in mind, Summit simplifies and streamlines employee benefits administration across all lines of service including FSAs, Dependent Care, HRAs, HSAs, Transit/Commuter accounts, COBRA, and direct and retiree billing.

Elevate your benefits administration with DataPath Summit!

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FSAs, HRAs, DCAPs, Transit

HSAs, Assets, Investments

COBRA, Retiree, Direct Bill

FSA Benefits Administration Software
  • Includes Dependent Care and LPFSAs
  • Quick and easy account setup with default settings and wizards
  • Nearly unlimited plan designs, contributions schedules, reimbursement settings
  • FSA card with stacked benefits environment
HRA Benefits Administration Software
  • Set up and administer nearly unlimited HRA plan types, including ICHRA, EBHRA, and QSEHRA
  • No enhancement requests required
  • Easy-to-use plan templates
HSA Benefits Administration Software
  • Perform HSA management, banking, and investments in a single solution
  • Self-certification capabilities for participants
  • Flexible custodial banking options
  • Investing options and accessible educational materials
COBRA - Benefits Administration Software
  • Event-based notice generation
  • Automatically monitored COBRA-related events
  • Time-frame tracking
  • Flexible loss-of-coverage options
Transit - Benefits Administration Software
  • Offer section 132 account management for transit fare, parking, and bicycle accounts
  • Debit card terminal restrictions available in many major metros, including NYC, New Jersey, Northern Virginia, Philadelphia and San Francisco
Billing - Benefits Administration Software
  • Unlimited payment and billing structures
  • Collect premiums for health benefits, leave of absence, parking fees, union dues, and more
  • Retiree billing with auto enrollment

Diversified Administration, Inc.

DataPath's competitive pricing, quality products and services, and focus on client relationships can't be beat.

Susan Luskin President/CEO

TaxFree Plans

We found DataPath to be a wonderful partner...look forward to many years in the future.

Dick Boever Principal

Querbes & Nelson

DataPath has given us a way to set ourselves apart from other brokers.

Rachel Thrash Claims Manager

Secure Benefits Systems

DataPath has helped us streamline our office and our workflow.

Vrenae Daly Comptroller

The Compliance Office

We were very impressed with DataPath. We were able to save a lot of money. Your training is spectacular!

Bill Mann President

Benefit Solutions, Inc.

DataPath makes it easy to administer all of our lines of service, including HRA, COBRA, Transportation and Retiree Billing.

Linda Meyerhoffer President
Benefits Administration Software

Whitepapers and Infographics about Benefits Administration Software

Whitepaper: How TPAs Can Capitalize on the HRA Market with a Flexible Solution
HRAs are a flexible tax-advantaged vehicle to help employers save money while delivering a strong benefits package for their workforce. The challenge for third party administrators is finding a benefits administration solution that enables them to attract and retain clients, deliver superior service, and create flexible and complex HRA plans without overbearing constraints from their solutions provider.
Infographic: Negative Impacts of a Multi-Platform Approach to CDH and COBRA Benefits
Using a multi-platform approach to CDH and COBRA benefits administration can create a host of problems for third party benefits administrators. The following infographic highlights the negative impacts of a multi-platform approach and examines the benefits of a single solution.
Infographic: Top Features of Benefits Administration Software
The following infographic outlines the must-have features of benefits administration software for third party benefits administrators. If your solution doesn’t have all of these, it may be time to upgrade. To streamline your workflow and increase the bottom line, look for these features and capabilities.
Whitepaper: How TPAs Can Boost Profits and Balance Their Workload Through Platform Efficiency
As new technologies emerge, TPAs who offer benefits administration such as CDH account and COBRA administration should continually evaluate their day-to-day business operations to reduce costs through greater efficiency.
Whitepaper: How TPAs Can Deliver a Unified HSA Experience and Maximize Earnings
Since 2005, the market for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and qualified high deductible health plans has been continuously growing, and so has the market for HSA management services. TPAs need a solution that can help them streamline benefits administration, including HSAs, to deliver an industry-leading customer experience.
Whitepaper: How To Revolutionize CDH Account and COBRA Administration with New, Seamless Technology for TPAs
Computer technology is continually evolving. The benefits administration platforms of years past are ill-equipped to meet the demands of 21st century users, and benefits administrators are looking for increased efficiency, better data integrity, and greater value from COBRA software vendors.

More Information about Benefits Administration

DataPath Completes Client-Focused, Market-Driven Reorganization
LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS (October 22, 2019) – DataPath, Inc., a leading developer of technology solutions for employer-sponsored benefits administration, announced[...]
Press Release: DataPath and TPA Stream Announce Partnership
DataPath announces new partnership with TPA Stream to help Summit clients increase efficiency and process claims more effectively.
Press Release: DataPath Expands Summit with Direct Billing
DataPath, Inc., a leading developer of technology solutions for benefits administration, announced the launch of direct billing functionality in its cloud-based Summit platform. The enhancement further expands Summit’s billing and benefits administration capabilities, in conjunction with COBRA and retiree billing.
DataPath Enhances Summit with Retiree Billing
DataPath, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based benefits administration solutions, announced a new enhancement to its cloud-based Summit platform. Summit now includes retiree billing functionality, in addition to its expansive abilities to administer COBRA and consumer directed healthcare accounts such as Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts.
DataPath Whitepaper Analyzes Technology Solutions and the Impact on TPAs
DataPath keeps the needs of third party administrators (TPAs) top of mind when developing and updating employee benefits administration platforms like Summit. In this whitepaper, DataPath examines how communication breakdowns and unsynchronized data can degrade the TPA-client relationship; cost TPAs, employers, and employees time and money; and cause administrative headaches through redundant fees and duplicate workflows. The white paper also discusses technological solutions that allow TPAs greater flexibility, reduced costs, streamlined processes and confident compliance.
DataPath Launches Summit HSA
DataPath, Inc., a leading innovator of employer-sponsored benefits administration solutions, announced today its new Health Savings Account (HSA) administration and investment functionality in Summit, the company’s cloud-based platform. The HSA expansion will make DataPath Summit the industry’s only SaaS solution with fully-unified CDH, investment and COBRA billing capabilities. Learn more about this new functionality for its healthcare benefits administration software.