Summit – Cloud-Based Benefits Administration Software

Seamless employee benefits administration for FSA, HRA, HSA, Dependent Care, Transit, COBRA and more

Summit is the only true all-in-one cloud-based solution, with seamless benefits administration for CDH accounts, HSAs, COBRA, and billing.

Designed and built with the needs of TPAs in mind, Summit simplifies and streamlines employee benefits administration across all lines of service including FSAs, Dependent Care, HRAs, HSAs, Transit/Commuter accounts, COBRA, and direct and retiree billing.

Elevate your benefits administration with DataPath Summit!

How Summit Will Save You Time and Money

Benefits Administration

‘Everything You Could Need’ Cloud-Based Platform

Summit supports a virtually unlimited array of employee benefit account types, including FSAs, Dependent Care FSAs, complex HRAs, HSAs, Transit/Commuter, and more.

Benefits Administration

Quick, Easy
Account Setup

Summit’s default settings and wizards streamline employee benefits administration, data entry, and record keeping processes. Set up a new plan with just a few clicks or customize to employer needs.

Benefits Administration

All-in-One HSA

Summit is a one-stop shop for HSAs. DataPath has the custodial relationship (and flexible banking options) that allows TPAs to offer HSA management, investments, and banking in a single platform.

Benefits Administration

Seamless COBRA Administration

Enjoy Summit’s seamless COBRA functionality, including event-based notice generation, automatically monitored COBRA-related events, time-frame tracking, and flexible loss-of-coverage options.

Benefits Administration

Global Record

Summit uses single employer and participant records for both CDH and COBRA administration. In addition, single benefit plans can possess different CDH and COBRA attributes.

Benefits Administration

Automated Reimbursements

Save time and simplify payment administration by automatically generating payments, and stop manual payment creation.

Benefits Administration


Non-discrimination testing in Summit is simple, whether the data being tested is already in the system or imported specifically for this purpose. Summit also allows you to adjust compensation limits, and to print and share test results.

Benefits Administration

Flexible Data

Tell Summit the type of data you expect, and it automatically reads and inputs the data you need. Our exchange also has automated data retrieval and delivery.

Benefits Administration

Simple Business Consolidation

Summit was built to meet the current market reality that firms are consolidating and outsourcing more than ever. The platform includes a Master-Sub relationship that is unparalleled in the industry.

Benefits Administration

Secure Broker

Summit is the only platform that enables you to give brokers secure online access to specified data on shared clients. With Summit, you designate what data can be shared with which people and maintain full control while working to grow your business.

Benefits Administration

Global Navigation and Search

Summit learns your most frequent daily functions and automatically pushes them to you as you navigate, eliminating endless clicking to find the information you use most.

Benefits Administration

White Label

Customize administration and participant portals with your brand, reflecting your logo, colors, themes, message, and web address. DataPath branding need not appear on any public-facing pages or features.


TaxFree Plans

We found DataPath to be a wonderful partner...look forward to many years in the future.

Dick Boever Principal

CDH Account Administration

Summit allows practically unlimited plan design, from the simplest to the most complex.

With our cutting-edge benefits administration software, you can customize your clients’ account-based plans with:

  • Multiple benefit designs and options (medical, dental, vision, wellness, etc.)
  • Account-linked debit card that offers a stacked benefit environment that allows portability between benefits
  • Differentiated deductibles
  • Co-insurance rates and co-pays for each benefit option
  • Variable employee/employer responsibility
  • Roll-over

HSA Administration and Investments


Summit features easy HSA administration, a low investment threshold, and leading customer support.

Boost your bottom line with a benefits administration platform that offers:

  • A participant portal for account holders to enroll online, pay providers, manage investments, access tax information and submit and store receipts
  • Benefits debit cards for participants to receive quick, secure access to their HSA funds; MCC or IIAS restrictions can also be enabled
  • Custodial banking services that eliminate the need for separate partnerships with banks or other entities

COBRA Administration and Billing

Since 2002, DataPath has been a leading provider of COBRA administration and billing solutions. 

With Summit’s flexible billing capabilities, we’re making it easier for TPAs to conquer benefits administration with seamless COBRA functionality, including:

  • Single employer and participant records for both CDH and COBRA administration
  • Single benefit plans that can possess different CDH and COBRA attributes
  • Event-based notice generation
  • Automatically monitored COBRA-related events
  • Time-frame tracking
  • Flexible loss-of-coverage options

Summit’s versatile billing functionality also enables TPAs to perform retiree billing with auto enrollment and direct billing for nearly unlimited payment and billing structures.



I cannot begin to tell you how much better the reports are in your COBRA system. Other systems cannot break the premiums down by product, amount, or month paid, and that is what the clients want.

Missy Brown Controller

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Benefits Administration

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More Information about Employee Benefits Administration Software

Direct Billing; Summit

Press Release: DataPath Expands Summit with Direct Billing

DataPath, Inc., a leading developer of technology solutions for benefits administration, announced the launch of direct billing functionality in its cloud-based Summit platform. The enhancement further expands Summit’s billing and benefits administration capabilities, in conjunction with COBRA and retiree billing.

DataPath Enhances Summit with Retiree Billing

DataPath, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based benefits administration solutions, announced a new enhancement to its cloud-based Summit platform. Summit now includes retiree billing functionality, in addition to its expansive abilities to administer COBRA and consumer directed healthcare accounts such as Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts.

DataPath White Paper Analyzes Technology Solutions and the Impact on TPAs

DataPath keeps the needs of third party administrators (TPAs) top of mind when developing and updating employee benefits administration platforms like Summit. In this whitepaper, DataPath examines how communication breakdowns and unsynchronized data can degrade the TPA-client relationship; cost TPAs, employers, and employees time and money; and cause administrative headaches through redundant fees and duplicate workflows. The white paper also discusses technological solutions that allow TPAs greater flexibility, reduced costs, streamlined processes and confident compliance.

Summit HSA

DataPath Launches Summit HSA

DataPath, Inc., a leading innovator of employer-sponsored benefits administration solutions, announced today its new Health Savings Account (HSA) administration and investment functionality in Summit, the company’s cloud-based platform. The HSA expansion will make DataPath Summit the industry’s only SaaS solution with fully-unified CDH, investment and COBRA billing capabilities. Learn more about this new functionality for its healthcare benefits administration software.

DataPath White Paper Examines Benefits Administration Solutions for TPAs

A new white paper released today by DataPath evaluates the evolution of computer technology and examines how current software solutions impact the work of third party administrators (TPAs). DataPath, a platform provider for consumer directed healthcare accounts, COBRA and billing administration, also highlights the importance of an all-inclusive approach to solutions development.

Summit COBRA Press Release

DataPath Announces the Release of COBRA in Cloud-Based Summit Platform

DataPath, Inc., a leading innovator in the consumer-directed healthcare industry, announced today new COBRA billing functionality in Summit, the company’s cloud-based benefits administration platform. With Summit COBRA, benefits administrators will be able to perform both CDH and COBRA account administration within the industry’s only fully-unified cloud system.

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