COBRA Administration and Other Billing Solutions


Since 2002, DataPath has been a recognized leader in COBRA administration solutions. Now with Summit, we’re blazing a path to new frontiers for benefits administration. Summit’s groundbreaking COBRA functionality includes event-based notice generation, automatically monitored events, time-frame tracking, flexible loss-of-coverage options, and more!  Summit is the industry’s only cloud-based platform developed specifically for seamless CDH account and COBRA administration.  Plus, DataPath’s other billing solutions enable you to administer Direct Billing and Retiree Billing, or customize programs to meet your clients’ needs.



COBRA Administration

COBRA administration can be a challenge due to Federal compliance regulations. With DataPath’s cloud-based Summit platform, you’ll keep on top of all status changes and stay current on key compliance dates, including communications, payments, and other important COBRA events. 



Direct Billing

DataPath’s versatile Direct Billing can be used for collecting premiums for group health benefits or customized for other billing needs such as leave of absence, contract employees, individual marketplace payments, parking fees, union dues, and other account-based billing purposes tailored to your market.



Retiree Billing

For your clients that offer retiree health benefits, plan administrators need a solution that easily manages changes in employment status. DataPath Retiree Billing features active-to-retiree auto enrollment, and the ability to adapt to a wide variety of specifications based on the needs of your clients.




I cannot begin to tell you how much better the reports are in your COBRA system. Other systems cannot break the premiums down by product, amount, or month paid, and that is what the clients want.

Missy Brown Controller

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