DataPath Whitepaper Analyzes HSA Profitability and Potential Administration Solutions for TPAs

Whitepaper Analyzes HSA Profitability

Little Rock, Arkansas (May 2, 2018) – As the HSA market steadily continues to grow, more third-party administrators (TPAs) are looking to add HSA management services to their portfolio. A new whitepaper published by DataPath, Inc. addresses common TPA concerns about entering the HSA market: revenue opportunity, workload, and the need to juggle multiple business and banking relationships.

The whitepaper, entitled “How TPAs Can Overcome Potential Pitfalls to Deliver a Unified HSA Experience and Maximize Earnings,” also examines various technology solutions available for HSA management services. Some platforms promote flexibility with options that require a multitude of additional vendor relationships. Depending on the administration setup, this can lead to additional work for TPAs, and frustration for employers and account holders.

The whitepaper analyzes HSA profitability potential and proposes that a turnkey, all-in-one solution which offers HSA administration, custodial banking, and integrated investments may provide a better overall experience for everyone involved.

“Many TPAs are looking to join the HSA market. Administering HSAs can be highly profitable, and they need the right solution to offer a first-rate experience to their clients and account holders,” says Bo Armstrong, chief marketing officer at DataPath. “With so many platforms out there, evaluating the possibilities and what each means for their business is crucial to a TPA’s success.”

Read the whitepaper.

About the company: DataPath, Inc. is a privately-owned technology company headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas. DataPath creates cloud-based solutions for the administration of employer-sponsored benefits, including FSAs, HRAs, HSAs, Transit accounts, and COBRA. The company is also an end-to-end card and payments processor. Learn more at

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