Conversations with the CEO: Customer Support, Client Experience, and Company Identity

John Robbins, Jr., DataPath President and CEO, shares his thoughts on DataPath’s commitment to customer support and the client experience

What does customer support mean to DataPath?

When I think about customer support, it means going beyond the software solution. Yes, we are a solutions developer. But we are more than that.

We could just sell the license to the solution and leave it at that. But since day one, DataPath has been client-focused. In the 1980s, we started creating solutions for early plans that were called “Section 89.” When Congress changed directions and killed those, we called our clients and said what do you need? When they said they needed a cafeteria plan solution, we said okay and went to work.

In the mid-90s, we developed and sold a MERP (Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan) solution, which was the precursor to the HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement), and helped our clients sell those services. Once the government shifted to HRAs in the early 2000s, we talked with our clients and developed a solution to help them offer HRA management.

It was around that same time that we realized that COBRA compliance was an enormous undertaking. In response, we were the first CDH platform provider to develop and market a COBRA administration solution.

The truth is, we exist today because we asked our clients what they needed and sought out ways to make it happen. We are doggedly determined to serve our clients well and help them grow and maintain their businesses.

How does DataPath create a better client experience?

We’re focused on the 360-degree experience – the whole thing from start to finish. Once our clients are onboard, what else can we do for them? Instead of asking ourselves what features clients might want, we ask clients what experience they need.

Admittedly, for a time we drifted away from our roots. We had become almost entirely focused on solutions without regard to client experience, and I shoulder the responsibility for that. It’s not right because it’s not who we are or what we want to be. We are working hard on making the customer experience better from technical support to marketing to implementation to whatever else – DataPath is the industry’s premier full-service solutions provider.

What stands out to you about your team?

We have a great team here at DataPath. They are ready to step up at a moment’s notice and deliver for our clients and for our company. I’ve seen them put in late evenings and weekends when necessary and handle unexpected changes with resolve and determination. For example, the way everyone has handled the COVID-19 response, switching from an office to an at-home/remote environment has been excellent and we’re continuing to press onward. It’s humbling to see what our team members do to serve our clients.

Part of our value statement is that we are “Driven to provide the best experience for our clients, we are a group of people empowered to continually seek better solutions. We expect to be the best and will demonstrate the grit necessary to deliver.” That is who we are as a company and who we are as individuals.

I want to make sure that DataPath provides the environment for our team members to succeed. Our internal culture matters, and it is reflected externally. Everyone has something to contribute, and we want to empower our team members to find different avenues to help us succeed.

What sets DataPath apart?

Again, I go back to the client experience – the customer support. We have the advantage of being privately-owned and we’ve been in this industry for over 35 years. We’re here for our clients; we don’t have to worry about making investors or stockholders happy. That gives us a lot of flexibility to handle whatever comes our way. Since day one – in 1984 – we have put our clients first and that’s how we’ll continue to operate.

DataPath, Inc. creates cloud-based administrative solutions for CDH accounts, COBRA and Billing. The company also offers industry-leading customer support and is the creator of the multi-award winning The Adventures of Captain Contributor program.

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