Cloud-based HRA Administration Software

Streamlined HRA Administration, Account-Linked HRA Debit Card, ICHRA, EBHRA, QSEHRA

DataPath Summit empowers TPAs to go beyond the challenges of complex HRA plan administration.

Summit is a powerful cloud-based solution for the administration of Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs), including group HRAs, ICHRAs, EBHRAs, and QSEHRAs. Summit enables versatile account management with:

  • Complex HRA plan creation with the ability to customize plans at the tier level per employer group, including deductibles and reimbursements
  • Diverse plan types, including dental and vision plans, Section 139 Disaster Relief, and Student Loan Reimbursement Accounts (SLRAs)
  • Account-linked HRA debit card with card behavior customization and MCC restriction capability per employer group
  • Affordable and accurate claims entry services performed by an experienced team with quick turnaround time
  • And more!
HRA Administration Software - Unlimited Flexibility

Unlimited Flexibility

From simple to complex, plan details can be customized by TPAs at the tier level, including deductibles, reimbursements, and more.

HRA Administration Software - Offer Dental and Vision Plans

Offer Dental and Vision Plans

Administer dental and vision plans, with limits on plan year visits by service code and per family or claimant.

HRA Administration Software - Go Beyond the Basics

Go Beyond the Basics

Offer in-demand, nontraditional benefits like Lifestyle Benefit Accounts (LSAs), Student Loan Reimbursement Assistance (SLRA) plans, and Section 139 Disaster Relief accounts.

Plan Builder Training

Plan Builder Training

DataPath provides hands-on training from experienced professionals using proven methods. Then once you are comfortable, you can build and maintain plans on your own.

HRA Administration Software - Go Beyond Limited Card Settings

Go Beyond Limited Card Settings

Add a Summit debit card to your plans and customize card behavior per each employer plan, rather than per plan type. You can also edit MCCs without having to submit a ticket to our support team.

HRA Administration Software - Powerful Data Exchange

Powerful Data Exchange

Use Summit’s powerful Data Exchange to import plan participants and dependents, enrollments, claims, and contributions.

Higher Level of Service

Higher Level of Service

Summit provides compliant plan document templates that TPAs can customize, or you can upload and share your own. You can also perform nondiscrimination testing in the portal.

Affordable, Accurate BPO Services

Affordable, Accurate BPO Services

Let us handle your claims processing, participant enrollments, and more. Focus on what you do best.

Convenient Mobile App

Convenient Mobile App

The Summit mobile app allows participants to view and update their account information on-the-go. Plus, they can submit claims and upload receipts directly from their smartphones and tablets.

HRA Administration Software Resources

HRA Administration Software

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HRA Administration Software

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