Financial Benefits Continue to Gain in Importance

In Morgan Stanley’s second annual State of the Workplace Financial Benefits Study, 71% of employees said financial stress negatively affected their personal lives and work. More than four out of five (84%) believe employers should provide more tools to help them navigate economic challenges. Traditional Financial Benefits Employers have long offered financial tools like profit-sharing plans … More >>

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Halloween Health and CDH Accounts

Halloween is a favorite time of year for some, from decorations to pumpkin carving to dressing up. However, it can also be a time of pumpkin carving cuts, bumps and bruises, sprains, and even broken bones from tripping over costumes. Let’s talk about staying safe, Halloween health, and your CDH accounts. Some of the reasons … More >>

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2023 FSA, Transit, and Adoption Limits

On October 18, 2022, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced updated regulatory limits for FSA, Transit, and Adoption Assistance plans for 2023. These were included in IRS Revenue Procedure 2022-38. 2023 FSA Limit The maximum annual contribution for Health FSAs will be $3,050 for the 2023 plan year, an increase from $2,850 in 2022. There are … More >>

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“Creative Benefits Strategies For A Post-Pandemic Open Enrollment” – features article by DataPath CMO

Take advantage of creative opportunities to expand your benefits package. By Bo Armstrong Originally Published by September 29, 2022 Getting Creative in a Post-Pandemic Enrollment Season Open enrollment is always an intense and stressful time for HR teams, as well as benefits brokers and TPAs. But as we transition from pandemic to endemic, Covid-19’s impact … More >>

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9 Ways to Spend Down Your FSA Funds

Your FSA plan may have a provision that the balance forfeits to your employer if you don’t spend down all your funds by the end of the plan year. Other plans allow you to carry up to a certain amount of leftover funds to the next plan year. Don’t know which type of plan you … More >>

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ACA Compliance Reporting for 2023

The fourth quarter of every year is hectic for employers and TPAs. From processing new benefits to closing out the current year, there is no shortage of work. But with regulatory changes over the last two years, it’s important to ensure you’ve maintained compliance. Now’s a good time to review Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance … More >>

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HSA 10 THings

10 Things to Know about HSAs

Unlike an FSA or an HRA, both of which are owned by the employer, HSAs are owned by the individual. This means that the account owner funds the HSA, spends the money (within IRS regulations), earns interest, and chooses whether or not to invest the money. Most importantly, the individual keeps the account (HSA portability) should their employment status change due to job loss, changing company, or retirement. Employers may also choose to contribute to the HSA, but the account owner keeps the funds.

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DataPath Wins Summit International Creative Award

DataPath’s one-of-a-kind employee education and engagement program, The Adventures of Captain Contributor, has earned an international creative award. LITTLE ROCK, ARK. (September 23, 2022) – DataPath, a leading provider of administration solutions for employer-sponsored healthcare benefit accounts, has won a 2022 Summit International Creative Award. The Summit International Creative Awards competition honors the best web, … More >>

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employee benefits

Learn About Employee Benefits

Forbes Advisor reports that although many Americans are happy with their health insurance, not many fully understand basic terminology. For example, over 75% cannot identify “co-insurance,” while nearly 50% incorrectly defined “copay” and “deductible.” Forbes also uncovered significant knowledge gaps about open enrollment, HSAs, and medical billing. With open enrollment coming up in the near … More >>

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What’s the Right Amount for my FSA?

With the popularity of flexible spending accounts on the rise, participants want to know, “What’s the right amount to put in my FSA?” Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) are fast becoming one of the most popular employer-sponsored benefits in the United States. In their latest market review, the Aite-Novarica Group estimated 32.6 million FSA accounts in … More >>

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Delayed Healthcare Raising Employer Costs

The COVID pandemic wreaked havoc on the American healthcare system and employer health plans in ways not always obvious. For example, a significant percentage of Americans delayed accessing needed healthcare for fear of increasing their exposure to COVID-19. Some skipped routine checkups and screenings altogether. The unfortunate side effects now being seen include: Why COVID … More >>

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MUSE Creative Award

DataPath Wins Two 2022 MUSE Awards

LITTLE ROCK, ARK. (September 7, 2022) – DataPath, Inc., a leading provider of administration solutions for employer-sponsored healthcare benefit accounts, has won double honors in the 2022 MUSE Creative Awards for two different marketing campaigns. MUSE is an international competition for creative professionals who inspire others to greater heights through their concepts, ideas and designs. … More >>

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Inflation Reduction Act

Inflation Reduction Act May Impact Employer-Sponsored Health Plans

President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) into law on August 16, 2022. Among other provisions, the IRA: Addresses aspects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Requires Medicare to negotiate drug prices with manufacturers Caps the cost of prescribed insulin for Medicare recipients at $35 a month Provides an insulin safe harbor for high-deductible … More >>

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Help Avoid Travel Stress with FSA, HSA, and LSA Eligible Purchases

Experts predicted that travel would be hectic this summer and fall, and boy, they weren’t kidding. Whether vacationing or resuming business travel, you’ve had to deal with high gas prices and delayed, if not entirely canceled flights, among other stressful issues. Check out these FSA, HSA, and LSA eligible expenses that can help ease travel … More >>

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back to school

Use Your FSA to Stock Up On Back-To-School Supplies

The annual school supplies shopping trip can be an expensive endeavor. Did you know that some items commonly found on classroom supply lists are eligible for FSA accounts? Read on to learn more. FSA for Back-to-School Basic first-aid supplies and COVID-related PPE, including masks and hand sanitizer, are on many back-to-school supply lists this year. … More >>

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