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Increasing Enrollment Starts with Employee Engagement

October 1, 2018

By Bo Armstrong

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Low employee engagement in benefits programs is a common problem, one that continues to grow as health care benefits become more complicated and costs continue to rise. In fact, many large employers report year-long engagement rates among employees and their benefits to be less than 10 percent. The reason? Employees have a hard time understanding how their benefits work. Despite the best efforts of brokers and benefits managers to develop great plans and educate employees on how to take advantage of their benefits, employee engagement in health care and tax advantaged accounts remain stagnant at best. The great news is that, with a little bit of creativity, you can successfully engage employees and increase enrollment over time.

Why Aren’t Employees More Engaged with Health Benefit Programs?

The reality is that you could offer the best possible healthcare options out there, but if employees don’t understand what they are and how they benefit from them, they’re more likely to have a negative perception. Low engagement comes down to two primary factors – confusion and complexity…

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