DataPath Whitepaper, Blog Receive dotCOMM Awards

2023 dotCOMM awards

The 2023 dotCOMM Awards have recognized DataPath with their highest recognition, the Platinum, for a recent whitepaper. They also selected our weekly blog for their Gold award.

The whitepaper, Changing Perceptions of Employee Benefits in a Post-Pandemic Workforce, reviews how the pandemic has changed how we live and work, explores changing employee attitudes, and recommends steps employers should take to adapt to the new American workplace.

DataPath Insights is our weekly blog on employer-sponsored benefits, regulatory news, and healthcare-related information. Readers can sign up at the top right of each blog page to be notified when new articles publish.

Administered by the worldwide Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, the 2023 dotCOMM awards competition received over 2,500 entries. Along with DataPath, notable honorees in early judging include AARP, Accenture, ADP, Bank of America, Cigna Healthcare, Elevate Digital, McKinsey Global Publishing, Optum Rx, Sage Growth Partners, UnitedHealthcare, and the Yale Cancer Center.

DataPath has received 25 marketing and communications excellence awards over the past five years.

DataPath, Inc. has been a full-service TPA solutions provider for nearly four decades. Our cloud-based Summit platform is the industry’s first all-in-one cloud-based solution for CDH, HSA, Well-Being, COBRA, and Billing administration. Additionally, we provide comprehensive Operations BPO and award-winning Marketing Services for users of any administrative platform. Please enter your email (above right) to be notified when new articles publish.

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