Press Release: DataPath Partners with Mastercard and HealthLock

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Partnership with Mastercard unlocks HealthLock services to all users of DataPath benefits debit cards

LITTLE ROCK, AR (July 18, 2023) – DataPath, a leading technology and growth services provider for third-party administrators, has partnered with Mastercard and HealthLock to help consumers protect against medical bill fraud, claim errors, and overcharges.

DataPath HSA and FSA Mastercard cardholders that enroll in the HealthLock service can monitor and receive an automatic analysis of their medical claims, potentially reducing medical costs and preventing insurance claim rejections by identifying claim errors, overcharges, and potentially fraudulent bills.

Initially, the partnership with Mastercard and Healthlock will open the no-fee, core HealthLock breach alert and fraud remediation service to all enrolled users of DataPath debit cards, including the Summit card, mySourceCard®, and COMPASS™ card. Additionally, users will receive a 90-day free trial of HealthLock’s premium claim auditing services and exclusive Mastercard subscription rates.

Medical overbilling, abuse, and fraud cost Americans an estimated $325 billion annually[1]. “Our partnership with Mastercard and HealthLock provides DataPath cardholders with a secure, accurate method of reducing costs related to fraudulent billings, overcharges, and claims errors,” said John J. Robbins, Jr., DataPath president and CEO.

Branded educational and promotional materials for the HealthLock service are available to DataPath’s TPA clients through their partner marketing portal. Current DataPath cardholders can receive more information and enroll in the HealthLock service by visiting

About DataPath, Inc.
DataPath has been a full-service TPA business
solutions provider for nearly four decades. The company’s cloud-based Summit platform is the employee benefits industry’s first all-in-one solution for CDH, HSA, Well-Being, COBRA, and Billing administration.

About HealthLock
HealthLock is a healthcare technology company passionate about restoring consumer healthcare privacy, control, and savings. Through analytics-driven technology and a team of passionate professionals, HealthLock helps protect against medical fraud and privacy intrusions, organizes and audits insurance claims and medical bills, and helps members fight against errors and overbilling. Over the last 10 years, HealthLock technology has audited over half a billion dollars in medical claims and helped its members save over $130 million.

[1] JAMA Network. “Waste in the US Health Care System Estimated Costs and Potential for Savings.” 2019

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