getting creative post-pandemic enrollment

Whitepaper: Getting Creative in a Post-Pandemic Enrollment Season

Always an intense and stressful time for brokers, TPAs, and employers alike, enrollment season for the 2023 plan year promises to be even more so. As COVID-19 gradually transitions from pandemic to endemic, its impact on Americans cannot be denied. By mid-2022, more than 90 million had contracted COVID-19, with over a million confirmed deaths. How can we successfully address the past two years’ influence on our workplaces and workforce? It will take more than

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Financial Benefits

Financial Benefits Continue to Gain in Importance

In Morgan Stanley’s second annual State of the Workplace Financial Benefits Study, 71% of employees said financial stress negatively affected their personal lives and work. More than four out of five (84%) believe employers should provide more tools to help them navigate economic challenges. Traditional Financial Benefits Employers have long offered financial tools like profit-sharing plans and 401Ks. Both offer some tax savings and enable a path toward a more comfortable retirement. However, they come with

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pandemic impact employee benefits

Whitepaper: Changing Perceptions of Employee Benefits in a Post-Pandemic Workforce

There have been five additional pandemics recorded since the Spanish Flu infected 500 million people worldwide in 1918-1920. Even so, the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus caught the world’s population off-guard. Americans in particular were unprepared for the immense impact that COVID-19 would have on their lives, their families, and their livelihoods. The pandemic caused dramatic changes to the American way of life. Many of these changes continue to have far-reaching effects on our living standards and some

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less stress

Lower the Stress of Enrollment Season

Many TPAs are already in the throes of annual enrollment planning and promotion. This can be a highly stressful time of year, and with the current labor market, things may be more stressful than usual. You need your staff to stay relaxed, calm, and collected to provide the best possible service to your employer groups. Here are three ways to help lower the stress of enrollment season. #1: Encourage Asking for Help Some people are

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whitepaper lifestyle spending accounts

Whitepaper: Lifestyle Spending Accounts – Giving New Meaning to ‘Flexible’ Benefits

American companies are looking for every possible advantage to recruit and retain top-quality employees in a dramatically changed workplace. Many are finding new value in Lifestyle Spending Accounts. Two years after the COVID-19 pandemic reached the U.S., life is gradually returning to some level of normal. The workplace, however, has changed immensely and, many believe, permanently. It’s now a job hunter’s market, with record numbers of job openings and workers far more likely to change

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caregiver benefits

Caregivers Need Care, Too!

For many of us, our children are our greatest gifts. But caring for even the happiest and healthiest children can take a toll on parents. Add full-time work (or multiple part-time jobs) into the mix, and some days may feel like a challenge you can’t overcome. Now imagine taking care of an aging parent at the same time. Add in homeschooling during a pandemic and/or a child with special needs. Exhausted yet? The idea of

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Boost Employee Productivity by Respecting Physical and Mental Wellbeing

The pandemic has changed so many areas of life, including the way we work. Without warning, millions of Americans found themselves working remotely, becoming teachers at home, and having to isolate from colleagues and friends. The isolation and lack of camaraderie affected people differently. As employers begin to reopen offices, how can they keep employees productive while also respecting their physical and mental wellbeing? What challenges are employers facing to keep employees productive? As we

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Pandemic Impact Benefit Strategies

Whitepaper: How Has the Pandemic Impacted Employee Benefit Strategies?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected virtually every aspect of our lives. While the most prominent impact was an almost immediate quarantine and vast expansion of employees working from home, another significant consequence is how much the pandemic shook employees’ sense of security. Many businesses faced major revenue shortfalls and responded with cost-cutting measures, including layoffs and furloughs. Consequently, many Americans lost their sense of security regarding their jobs, economic standing, and overall health. As we

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benefits strategies

How the Pandemic Changed Benefits Strategies

Employee benefit strategies have been changing rapidly for years, to adapt to evolving work environments. Then, as Americans navigated the pandemic, there were even more levels of complexity. The almost immediate quarantine and shift in work environments shook our sense of security; not just of job security but of financial security and health security as well. As part of that, it has become evident that the pandemic has changed the way both employers and employees

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“How the Pandemic Has Refocused Employee Benefit Strategies” – BenefitsPRO Features Article by DataPath CMO

COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work. Many Americans have lost their sense of security regarding jobs, economic standing, and overall health. To attract and retain talent in a post-pandemic world, employers and their brokers must be more creative. Crafting a benefits strategy that helps workers regain a sense of security and well-being is not just smart business, it’s the right thing to do. By Bo Armstrong Originally Posted by BenefitsPROOctober 6, 2021

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Brochure: Lifestyle Spending Account (LSA) Solutions

Summit equips TPAs to go beyond “typical” benefit offerings to meet the needs of today’s diverse workforce with Lifestyle Spending Accounts. Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSAs) are post-tax, employer-funded reimbursement accounts that assist employees in accessing products, services, or activities that help improve their overall sense of well-being. Expenses eligible for LSA reimbursement are chosen by the employer and can be nearly unlimited in scope. Many employers choose expenses within the categories of physical fitness, mental

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