2019 FSA Contribution Limits

IRS Announces 2019 FSA Contribution Limit Increase

…Annual Limit Health FSA $2,700 $2,650 Limited Purpose FSA $2,700 $2,650 Dependent Care FSA $5,000 (no change) $5,000 2019 Transit and Parking Contribution Limits In addition to the FSA limit…

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Cadillac tax

Cadillac Tax in Limbo Until 2022

…and Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) – will also figure into the equation. Guidelines for determining the taxable/nontaxable status of a particular coverage is subject to interpretation by the Internal Revenue Service…

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Capitol Hill; AHCA

House of Representatives Passes American Health Care Act

…the bill has wide-ranging implications, the following only discusses changes applicable to employer taxes and tax-advantaged accounts. The passed legislation did not change from the original AHCA proposal from March…

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FSA, HRA, HSA, COBRA, Insurance Payments

HRA vs HSA – What’s the Difference?

…can transfer it when he or she changes jobs. Account holders may also invest their HSA funds once the account reaches a minimum threshold. Another noteworthy difference is how each…

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HSA Excess Contributions

HSA Excess Contributions – What Should You Do?

…the end of the year. Either situation makes you eligible for less than the full year, which can cause an HSA excess contribution. Contribution limits can also change depending on…

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HRA plan types

HRA Plan Types: A Breakdown (Infographic)

…ICHRA alongside a traditional group plan as long as both options aren’t offered to the same class of employees Some employees may be excluded, based on job status or geographic…

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Cloud-based COBRA Administration Software with Summit

…of all status changes and stay current on key compliance dates, including communications, payments, and other important COBRA events. With Summit, there is no need for additional COBRA software. Streamlined…

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