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​COBRA Administration, COBRA Billing, Retiree and Direct Billing

For almost two decades, DataPath has been an industry leader in COBRA software and billing solutions. Through our cloud based Summit platform, we empower administrators to achieve extraordinary COBRA, retiree, and direct billing success.

Summit is the only true all-in-one cloud based solution, featuring seamless benefits administration for COBRA, retiree and direct billing, and CDH accounts. Created with the needs of TPAs in mind, Summit simplifies and streamlines employee benefits administration across all lines of service. Elevate your COBRA administration and billing services with DataPath Summit.

COBRA administration can be a challenge due to Federal compliance regulations. With DataPath’s cloud based Summit platform, you’ll keep on top of all status changes and stay current on key compliance dates, including communications, payments, and other important COBRA events. With Summit, there is no need for additional COBRA software.

COBRA Software

Streamlined Account Setup

Simplify plan setup with default settings and wizards that import census, benefit and payment data.

COBRA Software

Global Record Keeping for COBRA and CDH

Summit is the only cloud based COBRA software on the market with single employer and participant records for both COBRA billing and CDH account administration.

COBRA Software

Extensive Account Reconciliation Capability

Utilize Summit's integrated cash management functionality for simplified tracking, remittance, and reconciliation of your clients’ payments and accounts.

COBRA Software

Automated Compliance Features and Settings

Summit’s automation features help TPAs deliver compliant COBRA services, monitored COBRA-related events, and time-frame tracking.

Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment Services

Summit's event-based notice generation and fulfillment services produce documents and notifications per event timeline, with on-demand printing.

COBRA Mobile App

COBRA Mobile App

DataPath’s commitment to customer support is unrivaled in the industry. Our professional, courteous support team is knowledgeable and responsive to your needs and concerns. 

Retiree Billing

Retiree Billing

Retiree billing in Summit enables you to handle your clients’ billing needs with ease, giving you the ability to tailor plans with a wide array of specifications for clients who offer retiree health benefits.  

Direct Billing

Direct Billing

Summit can manage a wide variety of custom billing needs including collecting premiums for group health benefits, leave of absence, individual marketplace payments, parking fees, union dues, and more.


Interactive Medical Systems

We switched to DataPath COBRA in 2016 after using another platform for many years. Since then we’ve seen dramatic growth in our COBRA business. We couldn’t have supported this increase had it not been for the efficiencies gained through DataPath Billing Solutions.

COBRA Resources

Press Release: DataPath Expands Summit with Direct Billing

DataPath, Inc., a leading developer of technology solutions for benefits administration, announced the launch of direct billing functionality in its cloud-based Summit platform. The enhancement further expands Summit’s billing and benefits administration capabilities, in conjunction with COBRA and retiree billing.

DataPath Introduces New COBRA Materials for Captain Contributor and New Sidekick!

DataPath is more than just a COBRA software solution provider. The company recently announced that it released brand new COBRA materials for its unique employee engagement program, The Adventures of Captain Contributor. The materials include comic books, videos and fact sheets all about COBRA to help with education and engagement.

Infographic: What You Need to Know About COBRA Insurance

DataPath offers more than just COBRA software. For the more visually-minded, this vibrant and informative COBRA infographic answers many COBRA FAQs and is perfect to share with clients and fellow COBRA administrators. Your participants can learn all they need to know about COBRA insurance in this overview.

HSA and COBRA – Portability, Premiums, and Contributions

If you manage clients on COBRA software, chances are you may manage HSAs as well. This blog addresses concerns about HSAs and COBRA and how these two work together. A great resource to help participants learn if they can pay for COBRA premiums with an HSA, if you can contribute to your HSA while on COBRA and more.

Whitepaper: How To Revolutionize CDH Account and COBRA Administration with New, Seamless Technology for TPAs

Computer technology is continually evolving. The benefits administration platforms of years past are ill-equipped to meet the demands of 21st century users, and benefits administrators are looking for increased efficiency, better data integrity, and greater value from COBRA software vendors.

DataPath Announces the Release of COBRA in Cloud-Based Summit Platform

DataPath, Inc., a leading innovator in the consumer-directed healthcare industry, announced today new COBRA billing functionality in Summit, the company’s cloud-based benefits administration platform. With Summit COBRA, benefits administrators will be able to perform both CDH and COBRA account administration within the industry’s only fully-unified cloud system.