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COBRA Administration, COBRA Billing, Retiree and Direct Billing

Enjoy remarkable success with powerful, compliant COBRA and premium billing administration. DataPath launched Summit COBRA in 2017, building off two decades of experience in delivering industry-leading COBRA and Billing administration solutions.

Summit is the first, true all-in-one cloud-based solution on the market. Enjoy a seamless benefits administration experience with COBRA, retiree and direct billing, and CDH accounts in one solution. Offer select lines of service or the full suite of solutions.  

Elevate your COBRA administration software with DataPath Summit.

COBRA can be challenging due to Federal compliance regulations. With DataPath’s straightforward, cloud-based platform, you’ll keep on top of all status changes and stay current on key compliance dates, including communications, payments, and other important COBRA events. With Summit, there is no need for additional COBRA software.

COBRA Software - Simplified Terminations

Simplified Terminations

Enter and manage qualified terminations from a single screen - easing the termination process for multiple LOS and updating participant records in just a few clicks.

COBRA Software - Global Record Keeping

Global Record Keeping for COBRA and CDH

Summit is the only cloud-based COBRA software on the market with single employer and participant records for both COBRA billing and CDH account administration.

COBRA Software - Extensive Account Reconciliation Capability

Extensive Account Reconciliation Capability

Utilize Summit's integrated cash management functionality for simplified tracking, remittance, and reconciliation of your clients’ payments and accounts.

COBRA Software - Automated Compliance Features and Settings

Automated Compliance Features and Settings

Summit’s automation features help TPAs deliver compliant COBRA services, monitored COBRA-related events, and time-frame tracking.

Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment Services

Summit's event-based notice generation and fulfillment services produce documents and notifications per event timeline, with on-demand printing. Store documents digitally and on the web.

COBRA BPO Services

COBRA BPO Services

DataPath clients can take advantage of our COBRA processing services that include importing employer and beneficiary data, elections, event and payment processing, new hire notices, qualifying events, and more.

Flexible Payment Options

Flexible Payment Options

COBRA beneficiaries can pay their premiums via check, ACH, mobile app, or third party payments. They can also schedule ACH payments in advance.

Retiree and Direct Billing

Retiree and Direct Billing

Summit can manage a wide variety of custom billing needs including collecting premiums for retiree health benefits, group health benefits, leave of absence, individual marketplace payments, parking fees, union dues, and more.


WJ Alexander

Summit COBRA is very intuitive and easy to use – I am especially impressed with the importing ability. We have a large client with over 20,000 lives and Summit handles files with large volumes of code very easily and accurately. DataPath really understands the nuances of administering COBRA.

Michael Alexander Senior Consultant

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On Friday, February 26, the Department of Labor (DOL) published Disaster Relief Notice 2021-01, a follow up to the Joint Notice published May 4, 2020. The May notice required that health and retirement plans disregard a number of deadlines for individuals during the COVID-19 National Emergency, plus a 60-day period (the “Outbreak Period”) starting March … More >>

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