Retiree Billing Solution for Retirement Plan Administrators


For your clients that offer retiree health benefits, plan administrators need a solution that allows you to easily handle changes in employment status. Our versatile Retiree Billing features active-to-retiree auto enrollment, and the ability to modify plans with a wide array of specifications tailored for your clients’ needs.


Why should you use DataPath’s Retiree Billing Solution?

DataPath’s best-in-class billing platform features integrated cash management and is the only solution on the market with this functionality. The entire premium billing process is managed completely within our system, including accepting and tracking payments, remittance to employers, and detailed account reconciliation. With a fully streamlined billing process, it eliminates the need for additional software.

In addition, you can increase efficiency on manual processing and data entry with flexible importing capabilities. With DataPath, you can stop the repetitive need for mapping your files as you do with other systems.  You tell the platform which data elements and their order, choose the file type, and the system quickly and easily imports the specified data.

You can also save time by using DataPath’s fulfillment services. Automatically upload letters, notices, reports and other documents directly from your solution for printing, processing, addressing, and post office delivery.

Features of our Retiree Billing Platform:

  • Streamlined Account Setup – Simplify plan setup with wizards that allow you to import census, benefit, qualifying event and payment data. Plus, you can eliminate repetitive data entry tasks with auto-enrollment settings
  • Comprehensive Account Reconciliation Capability – Enjoy integrated cash management functionality to track, remit, and reconcile payments and accounts for your clients
  • Intuitive Interface – Easily make status changes from a single screen, use the undo function for rate changes and other fields, and simplify letter and report processing
  • Accessible Web Portal – Conveniently access your account 24/7, communicate with employers/employees, and make online elections
  • State-of-the-Art Fulfillment Services – Generate documents and notices per event timeline, with on-demand printing, proof of mailing, and more


Interactive Medical Systems

We switched to DataPath COBRA in 2016 after using another platform for many years. Since then we’ve seen dramatic growth in our COBRA business. We couldn’t have supported this increase had it not been for the efficiencies gained through DataPath Billing Solutions.

Josh Ludwig Client Service Representative

Retiree Billing

Intuitive Interface

  • Import data such as census, benefit, qualifying event and payment information with easy-to-use wizards
  • Perform status changes from one screen
  • Utilize easy undo function to reverse rate changes, qualifying events, elections and terminations
  • Simplify batch processing of letters and reports

Retiree Billing

State-of-the-Art Fulfillment Services

  • Generate documents and notices automatically per event timeline
  • Store documents digitally and on the web
  • Print original documents on demand
  • Receive proof of mailing

Retiree Billing

Accessible Web Portal

  • Access your account, 24/7
  • Make online elections
  • Communicate, report, and interface with employers and employees

Retiree Billing

Other Benefits

  • Enjoy first-rate customer support
  • Automate compliance
  • Choose from multiple delivery options, including web posting with email notification
  • Submit CSV or Excel file formats

Easily Manage COBRA, Direct, and Retiree Billing