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Manage FSA, HRA, HSA, Dependent Care, Transit, Debit Cards and More

Seamless, “All-in-One” Cloud-Based Benefits Administration for TPAs

Summit is the “everything you could need” solution for CDH account and COBRA administration – including full HSA functionality. Designed specifically with TPAs in mind, Summit helps you master the challenges of tax-advantaged account administration for FSAs, DCAPs, HRAs/QSEHRAs, HSAs, Transit, and more. Plus, our cloud-based platform combines CDH account administration with flexible financial processing options, including banking and investment capabilities for HSA account holders. It’s everything you and your clients could need, all in a single platform.



Navigating the employer benefits landscape is filled with complex administrative hurdles for TPAs.

Summit is a cloud-based, all-in-one HSA management solution that offers TPAs the ability to increase revenue without taking on a lot of work. Summit enables you to offer clients and account holders a convenient and robust ‘one-stop shop’ for every HSA-related need with centralized HSA management, banking and investments in a secure, web-based environment. These features can help you boost your bottom line and deliver greater client satisfaction. Blaze a path to better HSA administration, more revenue, and stronger client relationships with Summit HSA!



For over a decade, DataPath has been blazing a path in the benefits administration industry with its benefits debit cards.

Our all-in-one payment solutions enable participants to easily access their funds and help employers incent group plan enrollment. They also help TPAs stay competitive, attract new clients, prevent benefit fraud, and reduce time and money spent processing paper claims.

Conquer the challenging terrain of benefits administration with DataPath’s benefits debit cards.

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