Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing Services for Employee Benefits TPAs

DataPath provides secure Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions and back-office support services exclusively for third-party administrators of employee benefit accounts.

In partnership with Overbrook Technology Services, we offer extensive account processing, claims, and payment processing services for CDH and COBRA plans, with affordable pricing options.

DataPath’s expertise and accuracy helps TPAs go beyond by saving time, conserving resources, and focusing on core competencies that create more value for their companies, clients, and participants. Regardless of the administrative platform or system used, we can help TPAs reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, and prepare for growth on any scale.

All Administrative Systems

We have the technology needed to work with essentially any administrative platform currently on the market. For cloud-based systems, secure web logins are usually all that is required. For premises-installed systems, we will establish a secure VPN connection.

All Types of Plans

We work with nearly all plans administered by employee benefits TPAs, including tax-advantaged, post-tax, and compliance plans. Common plan types include:

Business Process Outsourcing - Premium Only Plans

Premium Only Plans

Business Process Outsourcing - Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts

Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts

Business Process Outsourcing - Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts

Business Process Outsourcing - Health Reimbursement Arrangements

Health Reimbursement Arrangements

Health Savings Accounts

Health Savings Accounts

COBRA and State Continuation

COBRA and State Continuation


Commuter/Transit Accounts

Commuter/Transit Accounts

Full Menu of Available Services

Regardless of platform or plan type, our extensive menu of BPO services includes:

  • Employer plan setup and renewal
  • Participant enrollment and re-enrollment
  • Participant demographics and status changes
  • Contribution reconciliation
  • Online/mobile claims adjudication
  • Debit card claims adjudication
  • Claims entry for faxed and emailed claims
  • Printing and mailing fulfillment services
  • Preparing raw data files for import processing
  • Importing and processing carrier claims
  • Generating employer invoices
  • Developing custom data and report extracts
  • Supplemental customer service and research

Pricing for Business Process Outsourcing Services

Business Process Outsourcing
Rachel Thrash Claims Manager

Querbes & Nelson

DataPath has given us a way to set ourselves apart from other brokers.

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE)

TPAs seeking comprehensive staff augmentation can select from incremental FTE pricing options. These options are well suited for both ongoing or project-based assistance with a variety of work product.

About Our Partner, Overbrook Technology Services

Overbrook Technology Services - Business Process Outsourcing

Overbrook Technology Services provides secure, affordable BPO solutions and back office support services exclusively for third-party administrators of employee benefit accounts and COBRA. They have experience working with a wide variety of plan types, including complex plans and tiered benefits. Overbrook Technology Services has processed more than 3.3 million claims and over $118 million in contributions, among numerous other services, with an overall accuracy rate of 99% as reported by clients.