Find Out How You Can Increase Productivity and Efficiency by Using a Comprehensive Solution

New Seamless Technology for TPAs

Discover how seamless technology is revolutionizing CDH account and COBRA administration

Increased Efficiency

Enrollment through a single web portal, eliminating the duplication of data entry and the need for data synchronization.

Simplified Records Management

A single record that maintains all benefits data allows administrators single source records management.

Real-Time Data

Data is stored in one single platform, there is no need to synchronize information in multiple applications.

About the Author

Greg Licata is the Vice President of Product Development for DataPath, Inc. Greg has over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry and 15 years’ experience in business and product development. He is a co-founder, and former President and Chairman, of the Special Interest Group for IIAS (SIGIS). Learn more at or call (800) 633-3841.