Payment Administrators: Do You Know About These Virtual Payment Benefits?

Virtual Payment Benefits

When it comes to claims remittance and other B2B transactions, virtual payment benefits surpass the benefits of traditional methods such as checks, ACH, and wire transfers.  Using cards as a form of payment is a part of everyday life. Look around: credit cards, account-linked debit cards, reloadable debit cards, gift cards, and more – cards … More >>

The Benefits of End-to-End Payment Processing

End-to-End Payment Processing

Single-source, end-to-end payment processing can result in stronger client relationships, increased accountability, and decreased fraud. For payment administrators, partnering with a payment processing company that handles the entire payment chain can pay numerous dividends. More and more people rely on debit or credit cards to pay for goods and services. Consumers are primarily concerned about … More >>

Virtual Payment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Virtual Payment FAQs

Want to learn more about virtual payments? See below for a list of virtual payment FAQS. Virtual payments are becoming a popular payment method in business-to-business (B2B) transactions. As an alternative to cash, checks, and EFT, virtual payments are quick, secure, and can greatly reduce costs for all parties involved. See below for answers to … More >>

Virtual Payments: A New Wave of Payment Solutions

Virtual Payments

eChecks, electronic checks, ePayables, virtual payments … all are similar and nearly synonymous with one another. Nevertheless, they represent the new wave of payment solutions for 21st century commerce. For centuries, paper checks and money have been the norm for transactions of goods and services. Cash is an affordable option, but it’s vulnerable to theft … More >>

Testimonial: DataPath’s Virtual Payment Solution Saves Client 74% in Payment Costs

Summary Direct Pay Provider Network, a medical services company, sought a new solution to decrease overall costs, maximize profits, deliver greater customer satisfaction, and automate payments to reduce their work burdens. Their greatest challenge was finding a solution that proved convenient and secure for all parties involved. Ultimately, Direct Pay chose DataPath’s virtual payment solution and found that both … More >>

DataPath Payment Solutions: Quick, Modern, Secure

Finding the right payment solution can be tough. Making payment by check is costly (up to $8 per transaction1) and time-consuming. Furthermore, paper checks are vulnerable to fraud, and if a payment is late or never received, payers can receive a lot of angry phone calls or negative social media attention from upset recipients. This … More >>

5 Reasons to Consider a Virtual Card Payment Solution

Go Green

Virtual Card Payment Solution. The words sound like some futuristic technology out of an H.G. Wells novel; but in reality, the future is now. Service providers all across the United States, from physicians to auto repair shops, are using a virtual payment solution in their workplace. So, what is a virtual card payment solution? In … More >>

White Paper: Assessing the Hidden Risks of Payment Processing

Assessing the Hidden Risks of Payment Processing

DataPath, Inc. recently published a whitepaper that identifies and assesses the hidden risks of payment processing and suggests a remedy that addresses these serious concerns. The chief problem, which leads to many subsequent complications, is the involvement of multiple parties in the insurance payment process. The convoluted process needs a solution that is more flexible, … More >>

White Paper: Assessing the Hidden Risks of Payment Processing

The complications that stem from multiple parties being involved in insurance payment processing call for a solution that is flexible, efficient, and secure. Introduction The process of issuing payment from an insurer to a provider is fraught with complications and delays. Insurers commonly enlist the services of a third-party administrator (TPA) to manage the supporting documentation and distribute … More >>

White Paper: The Missing Link in Provider Payments

Provider Payments

Sky-high medical workers’ compensation payments and increasingly complex claims are calling for a streamlined solution to manual provider payment processes Introduction Caring for injured workers is more complex than ever before. In 2012 alone, workers’ compensation medical costs to providers increased to $30.8 billion¹, a staggering increase from years past. This upward trend, coupled with … More >>

DataPath Provider Payments Simplifies Reimbursements for Workers’ Compensation Payers

DataPath Provider Payments reduces expenses, potential errors and centralizes tracking LITTLE ROCK, AR (December 3, 2014) – Managing provider payments can prove both challenging and costly for workers’ compensation payers. To help streamline this process, DataPath, Inc. announced today that it has launched an electronic provider payment solution for workers’ compensation. “We discovered that a significant … More >>