Cloud-Based Benefits Software to Manage FSA, HRA, HSA, COBRA, and More

Innovative Benefits Administration Solution for CDH Accounts, HSAs and COBRA

Summit is a comprehensive benefits administration solution for CDH accounts, HSAs, and COBRA. Summit’s unique functionality enables seamless benefits administration across all lines of service including FSAs, HRAs, HSAs, Transit accounts, COBRA, and billing.

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How Summit Will Save You Time and Money

Summit is truly unique in the market – it’s the only CDH and COBRA solution built from the ground up as a single, all-encompassing platform. Designed with the needs of TPAs in mind, Summit simplifies and streamlines benefits administration for every line of service such as FSA, Dependent Care, HRA, HSA, Transit/Commuter accounts, COBRA, and Direct and Retiree billing. Summit’s functionality also includes integrated financial processes such as debit cards, electronic payments, and investments.

Quick and Easy Account Setup

Summit's default settings and wizards allow plan setup with just a few clicks!  You can customize contribution schedules, reimbursement and card settings, or whatever your clients need.  You can also simplify new employer groups or plan years.

Global Record Keeping

Summit enables you to keep single employer and participant records for both CDH and COBRA administration. In addition, single benefit plans can possess different CDH and COBRA attributes.

Automated Reimbursement Schedule

Use Summit to streamline and simplify payment administration by automatically generating payments, and stop manual payment creation.

Non-Discrimination Testing

Summit enables you to keep single employer and participant records for both CDH and COBRA administration. In addition, single benefit plans can possess different CDH and COBRA attributes.

How Summit Will Help You Grow Your Business

'Everything You Could Need' 

Summit supports a virtually unlimited array of benefit account types, including FSAs, HRAs/QSEHRAs, Dependent Care, Transit, and more.

Seamless COBRA Administration

Enjoy Summit's seamless COBRA functionality, including event-based notice generation, automatically monitored COBRA-related events, time-frame tracking, and flexible loss-of-coverage options.

Full HSA Functionality

Summit is a one-stop shop for HSAs. DataPath has the custodial relationship that allows TPAs to offer HSA management, investments, and banking in a single platform.

Secure Broker Access

Summit is the only platform that empowers you to give brokers secure, online access to specified data on shared clients. 

Simple Consolidation

Summit was built to meet the current market reality that firms are consolidating and outsourcing more than ever. Summit includes a Master-Sub relationship that is unparalleled in the industry.

Additional Features

  • Global navigation and search
  • Top-notch reporting capabilities
  • Advanced data migration
  • Non-discrimination testing
  • White label branding
  • And lots more...

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DataPath makes it easy to administer all of our lines of service, including HRA, COBRA, Transportation and Retiree Billing.

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DataPath's competitive pricing, quality products and services, and focus on client relationships can't be beat.

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DataPath has given us a way to set ourselves apart from other brokers.

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DataPath has helped us streamline our office and our workflow.

TaxFree Plans

We found DataPath to be a wonderful partner...look forward to many years in the future.

The Compliance Office

We were very impressed with DataPath. We were able to save a lot of money. Your training is spectacular!

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