RenewCardTM – Card-Based Workers Compensation Payments

Reloadable Debit Card for Workers Compensation


Indemnity payments account for approximately 40 percent of claims costs. Payers need to ensure that injured workers get their funds in a timely manner while keeping their costs under control. RenewCard is a reloadable, bank-neutral debit card that ensures workers’ comp recipients can receive and access their funds anywhere, anytime. Injured workers don’t have to worry about cashing a check or waiting for payment delivery – it’s all on RenewCard.


How RenewCard Will Save You Time and Money

Today’s workers’ compensation environment is complex and ever-changing due to an increasingly mobile workforce and a rise in injury severity and recovery duration. For over a decade, DataPath has been making leaps and bounds in the benefits administration industry with our card-based payment solutions and market-leading customer support.

We’re an end-to-end card and payments processor that takes care of everything in-house, including bank drafts, card issuance, and funding (including replenishments). With no “middle men” to work through, we deliver greater flexibility and affordability for you, and quicker, more reliable payments for claimants. As a single-source vendor, we also increase security for all parties involved.

Benefits of RenewCard

  • Market-leading customer support
  • Electronic Data Interface (EDI) connects directly with claims system
  • Card issues are handled by DataPath
  • Zero liability policy
  • Customizable card and materials
  • DataPath’s partnership with MasterCard® enables greater access to funds

RenewCard solves many of the problems experienced by payers and injured workers such as:

RenewCard is bank-neutral, helping drastically decrease the chance for fraud, payment error, and escheatment – all of which slow down the payment process. Once an injured worker receives the card and registers through the web portal, the funds are accessible. Additionally, payers set up a payment schedule that reloads the card on time and the funds are immediately available. This means that injured workers don’t have to worry if they live in a different city than their bank since they can use their funds anywhere, anytime.

Of course, if the injured worker chooses not to use RenewCard, DataPath is flexible and can issue workers compensation payments through traditional methods.

DataPath’s partnership with MasterCard® ensures that RenewCard holders can use their card everywhere MasterCard is accepted. Plus, the injured worker can use RenewCard at an ATM for cash withdrawals. Once the card is funded, the money is immediately available. No waiting on the mail or using expensive check cashing services.

RenewCard is mailed directly to the injured worker, who has to register the card through a secure online portal. The worker is the only person who can log into the portal, minimizing the chance for fraud and escheatment. Once the card is registered, the injured worker can start using the funds immediately.

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How does RenewCard work?

RenewCard simplifies the indemnity payment process. Once a payer submits a payment request, DataPath creates an ACH transaction, issues a pre-loaded RenewCard to the injured employee, and reloads the card with workers compensation payments automatically.

workers compensation paymentsOther Features:

  • Market-leading customer support
  • Electronic Data Interface (EDI) connects directly with claims system
  • Card issues are handled by DataPath
  • Zero liability policy
  • Customizable card and materials
  • DataPath’s partnership with MasterCard® enables greater access to funds

Take the pain out of workers compensation payments with RenewCard.


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