RelianceCardTM – Medicare Set Aside Card

Card-Based Medicare Set Aside Payments

RelianceCard™, our Medicare Set Aside (MSA) payment solution, enables MSA recipients to access their settlement funds with just a card swipe for paying authorized expenses. For third party administrators, RelianceCard can help you stay competitive by attracting new clients, preventing benefit fraud, and reducing time and money spent processing claims.

By offering RelianceCard, you’re providing your clients with a convenient, account-linked debit card for easy access to their Medicare Set Aside account funds, and ease-of-use features that can help them with CMS compliance.

Benefits of RelianceCard

  • Discounts – When you partner with a pharmacy benefit manager, card holders can receive discounts on prescriptions or other medical supplies purchased within the pharmacy network.
  • Client Satisfaction – With RelianceCard, you can generate higher client satisfaction and help people get the most out of their MSA funds.
  • Increased Security – As a single-vendor, end-to-end card processor, DataPath offers increased security, greater flexibility, and better support for you and your clients. We take care of everything in-house, from card issuance and payment processing to customer service and technical support.
  • Troubleshooting – If an issue arises, DataPath works directly with the person to resolve it, providing exceptional accountability and higher satisfaction for card holders.

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Immediate Access to Funds

RelianceCard is an account-linked debit card that provides account holders with immediate access to their funds, no claims or reimbursements required. Plus, DataPath’s partnership with MasterCard® permits access to their funds everywhere MasterCard is accepted.

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Accessible Claims and Receipts

Our patented ClaimsVault™ technology allows account holders to store and access documents and receipts inside their web portal for recordkeeping and CMS reporting.

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Convenient Pharmacy Savings

When card holders use RelianceCard within the preferred pharmacy network, they can receive discounts on purchases without having to carry around extra cards or paperwork.

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Greater Peace of Mind

With auto-adjudication capability, card purchases can be restricted to only MSA-approved products and services. Card holders can feel secure knowing that they are using their MSA funds for the intended purpose and that if the card is lost or stolen, their funds aren’t as susceptible to fraud.

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Additional Benefits

  • Convenient 24/7 online account access
  • Customizable card and materials
  • Simplified administrative processes for account setup, contribution processing, expense certification, document preparation and notifications to account holders
  • Greater access to funds through DataPath’s partnership with MasterCard

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