Cloud-Based HSA Administration Software with Summit HSA

HSA Administration, HSA Debit Card, HSA Eligible Expenses

Summit HSA is the nation’s most comprehensive Health Savings Account (HSA) solution. As a full-service, cloud-based platform for HSA management, our revolutionary solution handles HSA administration, investing and deposits in-house, alongside FSAs, HRAs, and COBRA billing in a seamless environment. There’s no need to partner with banks or other institutions, giving you and your clients more convenience and greater satisfaction.

  • Simplified HSA administration for account setup and processing contributions
  • Self-certification for expenses for account holders, which means less HSA management work for you
  • Integrated investments with educational tools that include investment prospectus, RIA-developed lifestyle models, and detailed investor statements
  • HSA debit card with the option to enable MCC and IIAS restrictions
  • Electronic receipt storage with DataPath’s patented ClaimsVault® for account owners

With Summit HSA, you can offer full-fledged HSA management services – and increase your revenue – without boundaries.

HSA Debit Card

Offer HSA owners quick, convenient, secure access to their benefit dollars with an HSA debit card. The Summit debit card, powered by Mastercard®, can be used at most locations where major credit cards are accepted (i.e., pharmacy, grocery store, doctor’s offices, etc).

With an HSA debit card, you can increase auto-substantiation rates and reduce the amount of time spent entering claims and processing reimbursements; an HSA debit card also helps boost participation rates for employer groups. Upon request, the Summit debit card can be customized with your logo.

HSA administration

DataPath is the industry’s only solutions provider that is also an end-to-end card processor. We keep every card related process in-house, including industry-leading customer service and technical support.

CDH Account and COBRA Billing Administration

Summit is the industry’s only all-in-one solution for CDH account and COBRA billing administration. With Summit, you can offer FSAs, DCAPs, LPFSAs, HRAs (including QSEHRAs), HSAs and COBRA administration in a single platform. Summit’s seamless environment allows global record keeping and management across all lines of service.

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