HSA Debit Card, FSA Debit Card and More

Grant Access to Funds with an HSA Debit Card, FSA Debit Card, HRA Debit Card or Other Benefits Debit Card

Stay Competitive as a TPA with HSA Debit Cards, FSA Debit Cards, and more!

DataPath’s all-in-one payment solutions enable participants to easily access their funds and help employers incent group plan enrollment. They also help TPAs stay competitive, attract new clients, prevent benefit fraud, and reduce time and money spent processing paper claims.

Plus, DataPath has a proven track record for providing the industry’s best customer support.

HSA Debit Card
Dick Boever Principal

TaxFree Plans

We found DataPath to be a wonderful partner...look forward to many years in the future.

Our proprietary benefits debit cards can link to any account-based employer benefit package and offer a stacked benefit environment that allows portability between benefits. Employees can access their funds in Flexible Spending Accounts, Cafeteria Plans, Dependent Care Assistance Plans, Health Reimbursement Arrangements (including QSEHRAs), Health Savings Accounts, and Transit Accounts.

DataPath’s benefits debit cards use our completely integrated, single-vendor platform for card issuance and authorization logic. We are an end-to-end card processor, and every related function stays in house, including customer service and technical support.

HSA Debit Card

Benefits for TPAs

  • Create, issue, and administer HSA debit cards, FSA debit cards, HRA debit cards, and more
  • Increase auto-substantiation rates
  • Boost life count through increased participation within existing groups
  • Reduce time spent entering paper claims
  • Feel secure with an MCC-restricted and IIAS-integrated debit card that helps prevent benefit fraud
HSA Debit Card

Benefits for Employers

  • Increase participation in group plans
  • Increase employee contributions to tax-advantaged accounts and associated employer FICA savings
  • Give employees instant access to plan dollars
FSA Debit Card

Benefits for Participants

  • Reduce the need to submit paper claims for expenses
  • Upload receipt images with online claims and by mobile app
  • Get instant reimbursement for goods and services at the point of sale

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When considering an account-linked payment card for employer benefits, TPAs must find a solution that provides improved security, accountability, and flexibility for all parties involved in the transaction.