DataPath creates leading-edge technology solutions to administer CDH Accounts, HSAs, COBRA, Billing, and Payments


Summit is the industry’s only cloud-based platform developed specifically for seamless CDH account, HSA, and COBRA administration. Summit’s unique functionality enables benefits administration without boundaries.


CDH Accounts and HSA Investments

DataPath’s Summit platform is unmatched: it’s the only CDH and COBRA solution built from the ground up as a single unified platform. DataPath’s cloud-based solution simplifies administration for FSAs, Dependent Care, HRAs, QSEHRAs, HSAs, Transit/Commuter, and more. DataPath integrates benefits account administration with streamlined financial processes, including debit cards, electronic payments, custodial banking, and investment services.

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COBRA and Other Billing Solutions

Since 2002, DataPath has been widely recognized for our best-in-class COBRA billing solutions. Now with Summit COBRA, we’re elevating the way you handle benefits administration. Summit’s innovative COBRA functionality includes event-based notice generation, automatically monitored events, flexible loss-of-coverage options, and more! Plus, DataPath’s other billing solutions enable you to administer Direct Billing and Retiree billing programs, or customize billing plans for whatever your clients need.

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Virtual and Provider Payments

Replace old, expensive payment processes with modern virtual and card-based solutions.  DataPath Payment Solutions modernize, streamline, and secure the complex payment processes for workers’ compensation and provider payments in addition to enhancing Medicare Set Aside benefit accounts.  Reduce overall costs, complete secure transactions, and speed up the payment process with DataPath Payment Solutions.

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TaxFree Plans

We found DataPath to be a wonderful partner...look forward to many years in the future.

Dick Boever Principal