Software Technical Support Representative

Job description

The Software Technical Support Representative answers calls and emails regarding the use of multiple proprietary software applications developed and maintained by DataPath. The Representative assists clients with the operation of these products and the utilization of allied software services. These calls span subject matters pertaining to software questions, research and resolution of technical issues, client software training.

The Software Technical Support Representative must be able to take calls from clients, ask the right questions, and offer a confident and positive attitude when addressing client issues. The Representative must also be able to evaluate the level of customer satisfaction and make priority changes accordingly as the situation evolves.

Desired Skills and Experience

The applicant for the Software Technical Support Representative position will need to possess the skills and motivation to work independently as well as with a team.

The Representative must be able to follow procedures in order to complete tasks.

The Representative must be able to think critically and to adapt to new situations that arise.

The Representative must be able to demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft Office including Word, Excel and PowerPoint; have experience with basic Microsoft Widows functions including file and folder navigation; installation and update of software applications; knowledge of standard computer terminology; familiarity with database principles.

Excellent phone and e-mail communications skills are essential.

Experience with employer/employee benefits administration is a plus. Experience in healthcare insurance claims processing or customer service is desirable.

High school degree or equivalent is required.

A Bachelor Degree in an academic discipline aligned with the stated job requirements is preferable. Demonstrable work experience in an information technology call center can be substituted for higher education requirements.

The position is located at DataPath, Inc. corporate headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas. The essential functions of the position do not allow for a telecommuter candidate

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