Whitepaper: Why Employers Should Consider Outsourcing Benefits Administration

Healthcare benefits are complicated. Federal regulations are under constant scrutiny and frequently undergo revisions. Plan setup, account management, and compliance are just a few of the time-consuming demands that come with the job of benefits administration. While employers may think they should handle these detail-oriented duties with an in-house staff, outsourcing benefits administration to an expert third party administrator can be more cost effective and help deliver a better overall experience.

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Adam Rockers

Adam Rockers – Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Adam Rockers is responsible for ensuring that DataPath’s technology delivers a modern, secure, and superb experience to our clients. Adam possesses firsthand, expert knowledge of both DataPath’s cloud-based Summit platform and the complexities of benefits administration. Adam started his career with DataPath in 2002. Over the past two decades, he has … More >>

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Benefits Strategies for Today’s Multi-Generational Workforce – A New Whitepaper from DataPath

DataPath whitepaper analyzes today’s multi-generational workforce, provides strategies to increase employee engagement. Little Rock, Arkansas (September 5, 2019) – DataPath, Inc., a leading solutions provider for third party benefits administration, published a new whitepaper today titled “Effective Benefits Strategies for Today’s Multi-Generational Workforce.” The whitepaper identifies the challenges that employers and benefits administrators face in … More >>

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DataPath CMO to Speak During BenefitsPro Webinar on Tuesday, August 13

Bo Armstrong, Chief Marketing Officer at DataPath, Inc., will be a featured speaker in an upcoming webinar hosted by BenefitsPro. The free presentation, “How to Engage Employees of All Ages in Today’s Digital Landscape,” will focus on modern benefits plans, understanding a multi-generational workforce, their differing needs, and how to create employee benefits strategies for … More >>

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Whitepaper: How TPAs Can Capitalize on the HRA Market with a Flexible Solution

HRAs are a flexible tax-advantaged vehicle to help employers save money while delivering a strong benefits package for their workforce. The challenge for third party administrators is finding a benefits administration solution that enables them to attract and retain clients, deliver superior service, and create flexible and complex HRA plans without overbearing constraints from their solutions provider.

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Whitepaper: Analyzing the value of outsourcing benefits administration for employers

DataPath Whitepaper Analyzes the Value of Outsourcing Benefits Administration for Employers

New DataPath whitepaper explores the complexities of healthcare benefits administration and why employers should consider outsourcing LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS (July 11, 2019) – The complex and highly-regulated field of healthcare benefits administration should not be taken lightly. A new whitepaper from DataPath, Inc., the longest running software provider in the healthcare benefits administration industry, surveys … More >>

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