AVA Digital Award - Gold Winner

DataPath Wins 2019 AVA Digital Award for Employee Engagement Program

DataPath Employee Engagement Program Garners Video Gold Award LITTLE ROCK, ARK. (February 20, 2019) – DataPath, Inc., a leading provider of administration solutions for employer-sponsored healthcare benefit accounts, has won Gold in the 2019 AVA Digital Awards for “Captain Contributor Explains FSAs,” a video produced for its employee engagement program, The Adventures of Captain Contributor. … More >>

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Software Developer/Programmer

Job description Searching for Something Special? There’s something special about DataPath. We work hard with our clients to improve the condition of healthcare in our society through innovative technology solutions. We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients and work hand-in-hand with them to build powerful software systems that administer healthcare benefit plans and … More >>

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DataPath Enhances Summit with Retiree Billing

DataPath, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based benefits administration solutions, announced a new enhancement to its cloud-based Summit platform. Summit now includes retiree billing functionality, in addition to its expansive abilities to administer COBRA and consumer directed healthcare accounts such as Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts.

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Understanding the HSA Withdrawal Penalty and Other Useful Information

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are a wonderful tool for saving money on healthcare expenses. When you enroll in a qualified high deductible health plan and sign up for an HSA, you contribute pre-tax money into an account then withdraw those funds for qualified healthcare expenses. When used for qualified expenses, withdrawals are tax-free. However, many HSA owners wonder if the money can be used for non-qualified expenses. If so, is there an HSA withdrawal penalty?

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People Like Cartoons! DataPath’s Captain Contributor Featured on ThinkAdvisor

DataPath has recruited ‘Captain Contributor’ to help it explain all of those complicated accounts, and rules. By Allison Bell at ThinkAdvisor U.S. employee benefits rules have turned into such a maze that the complexity is hurting use of flexible spending arrangements (FSAs), health savings accounts (HSAs) and other personal benefits account programs. Employees, meanwhile, are … More >>

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Brochure: COBRA and Billing Solutions

Since 2002, DataPath has helped TPAs overcome the challenges of complex COBRA and billing administration. Administrators want to stay competitive, keep on top of regulatory changes, and attract and maintain new revenue streams. Summit’s powerful billing functionality allows administrators to take advantage of automated COBRA management and stay on top of compliance. TPAs can also … More >>

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Brochure: Why Work with DataPath?

Since 1984, DataPath has been creating innovative solutions for benefits administration, helping our clients elevate their businesses and succeed. We’re privately-owned and have been under the same ownership since day one. In fact, we’ve been in this industry longer than any of our competitors and we’re here to stay.

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Brochure: Benefits Debit Cards

For over a decade, DataPath has been inspiring simplified employer-sponsored benefits administration with account-linked debit cards. Our all-in-one payment solutions help decrease benefits fraud while empowering TPAs to stay competitive and cut down on claims processing. Plus, you can boost enrollment rates and generate higher client satisfaction, and give participants quick, convenient access to their … More >>

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Brochure: Payment Solutions

DataPath Payment Solutions are helping payment administrators dominate the complex insurance payment landscape. High administrative costs, payment delays and duplications, manual errors, fraud, escheatment, and lost EOBs are major obstacles to successful indemnity and provider payment administration. Dominate the challenges of insurance payments with DataPath’s workers’ comp, provider payments, and Medicare Set Aside account solutions.

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DataPath Article on Using Employer-sponsored Benefits for Mental Health Featured on BenefitsPro

Employer-sponsored benefits and the fight to improve mental health December 18, 2018 By Bo Armstrong Originally Posted on BenefitsPRO.com Mental health is one of the most significant healthcare challenges facing Americans today. An unseen and often overlooked healthcare need, it impacts people everywhere – at home, in the workplace and at school. It is estimated … More >>

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