Manager of Software Testing

Job description

The Position:

The Manager of Software Testing is charged with directing all operations of the Quality Assurance group who assist the Development group in the creation of new products and services and the enhancement of existing products and services. The Manager of Software Testing will lead the QA group so as to ensure the desired quality outcome as directed by the Director of Development. Some of the responsibilities of the QA group include:

  • preparation of test environments
  • formulation of test scripts and scenarios
  • development and maintenance of automated testing
  • maintenance of test environments to assure comprehensive examination of all levels of functionality
  • schedule and perform tests
  • record testing results via a tracking mechanism
  • report testing results
  • provide knowledgeable debriefing on functionality reports to development groups and department managers
  • arrange and assist in preparation and execution of alpha and beta testing and perform other quality assurance related tasks as such tasks evolve


Critical Tasks:

Quality and Technical Guidance
  • Ensures delivery against QA department goals and objectives, i.e. meeting commitments and coordinating overall quality assurance schedule.
  • Provides necessary definition, development and deployment of product quality assurance strategy, addressing all phases of product development.
  • Directly supervises quality assurance group lead, quality assurance engineers and testers including the preparation and delivery of staff performance evaluations and career development activities.
  • Manages department and overall expectations pertaining to setting accurate schedules, costs and resources.
  • Reviews team performance and sets goals for continual growth to department members. Interviews potential candidates for QA positions.
Process Management
  • Implements ongoing quality improvement processes working with interdepartmental teams.
  • Maintains product consistency throughout product cycle, to include the design, define and build phases through quality checkpoints and testing.
  • Develop and manage quality assurance metrics for performance improvement of all teams.
  • Drives initiatives to streamline and optimize QA processes, incorporating technology advances where applicable.
Project Management
  • Works with project managers to develop project schedules and resource allocation models for QA related projects and other activities such as software deployment, customer integration, and professional services validation.
  • Provides effective communication regarding issues, objectives, initiatives and performance to plan.
  • Manages the planning and execution of product testing efforts, including all associated resources to meet committed delivery dates.
Organizational Liaison
  • Manages and responds to software quality assurance issues with related groups such as development, IT, implementation, and customer support.
Quality Management
  • Anticipates program release problems and takes corrective action, escalating as needed, to resolve and achieve commitments.
  • Assures the viability, functionality and effectiveness of essential tools.
Deployment and Delivery
  • Responsible for creating task and checklists for software deployment.


Knowledge and Experience:

  • Bachelor Degree in one of the following fields: Management Information Sciences, Computer Information Systems, Computer Sciences or a related Information Technology discipline or 5 years of QA testing experience [Minimum Requirement]
  • Professional certifications are desired but not required.
  • Eligibility for future professional certification is required.
  • Proven leadership skills – prior supervisory experience. [Required]
  • Proven project management skills especially in software development lifecycle environments.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of information technology procedures and operations.
  • Prior experience implementing automated testing methodologies is preferred.


The position is located at DataPath, Inc. corporate headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The essential functions of the position do not allow for a telecommuter or remote candidate.