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DataPath Team Member Discusses Project Management at The Iron Yard

The Iron YardFull of inspiration and people pursuing their dreams, The Iron Yard campus in Little Rock, Arkansas, is a trade school where people from all walks of life can go to learn web development or hone their abilities to better meet 21st century career demands. With more and more emphasis in the US and worldwide for skilled web developers, The Iron Yard is helping both job seekers and the economy by teaching people the skills they need to be successful in a technical environment. Citing Little Rock’s growing reputation as a tech hub, the world-renowned school decided to locate a campus in Central Arkansas in order to capitalize on the ‘already-robust ecosystem they’ve build for tech businesses.’

As a benefits administration software solutions company, DataPath knows the importance of having skilled developers on its team, and it should come as no surprise that one of our team members uses her time and talent to help inspire and educate Iron Yard students.

Kassandra Mize, Development Manager at DataPath, got onboard with The Iron Yard after talking with a former coworker, Daniel Pollock, who also teaches there. Mary Dunlap, Campus Director for The Iron Yard, invited Kassandra to speak on the principles and benefits of Project Management before one of the school’s ‘hackathons’. The experience went so well that the school invited her back as a guest speaker at more sessions.

With an extensive background in Project Management, Kassandra has developed a passion for sharing her experience, first by teaching at Acxiom and now in her presentations to The Iron Yard. In her own words:

I love Project Management and I believe that if a developer truly understands what their Project Manager does for them, they will utilize them appropriately, arm them with the information they need, and provide reciprocal support.  It’s about being able to understand the flow of work and where you fit.  Project Managers oversee the entire development process.  Developers play a very large role in that process and need to understand what information should be shared and how to engage their Project Managers.

DataPath is proud that Kassandra is helping to inspire the next generation of developers. It’s important work that could have a huge impact on the students, on our business, and on the economy as a whole.

Who knows, someday one of Kassandra’s students may be working with us.

Learn more about The Iron Yard.


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