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CDH Accounts

FSAs, HRAs, and other CDH accounts are making big strides in adoption and market penetration

A foundation of the tax-advantaged benefits industry, consumer-directed healthcare accounts continue to grow in both market penetration and adoption rates.

  • The number of active FSA accounts is expected to exceed 33 million for the first time in 2023.
  • HRA accounts, including group health HRAs, ICHRAs, QSEHRAs, and more, are expanding exponentially.
  • The number of U.S. employers offering ICHRAs grew 171% (and QSEHRAs 97%) between 2022-2023 alone. Although 88% of employers who offered an ICHRA or QSEHRA in 2023 had 20 or fewer employees, companies with 50+ employees that offered an ICHRA in 2023 grew by 144% over 2022.
  • Qualified transit/commuter plans under Section 132 are increasing in popularity as employers seek to expand benefits programs to help attract and retain quality talent.
Customers served! 10000000 FSA Accounts in 2023

Partner with DataPath to simplify your CDH administration and grow your business. DataPath Summit is the industry’s first, true all-in-one cloud-based solution for comprehensive benefits administration functionality. Purpose-built for a better benefits experience, Summit simplifies healthcare, individual premium reimbursement, dependent care, and transit/commuter account management.

HSA and Investments

HSAs are savings and investment powerhouses for healthcare and retirement

There’s no disputing that Health Savings Accounts are revolutionizing how we prepare for healthcare and retirement.

  • More than 35.5 million HSA accounts covered 72 million Americans and held $103.8 billion in deposits and investments at the end of 2022.
  • Younger consumers have embraced health savings accounts, with almost 1 in 5 Americans in their 30s owning an HSA.
  • HSAs are utilized in every U.S. state and territory – with as many as 77% of a state’s privately insured population covered by an HSA.
Grow with DataPath Solutions

20% of Americans in their 30s have an HSA

Customers served! 10000000 HSA Accounts in 2022

$103.8 billion in deposits and investments

Partner with DataPath to offer employers and account holders the best HSA experience in the market. Summit equips TPAs to thrive in the industry by offering employers and account holders a better benefits experience with centralized HSA administration, mobile app, debit cards, flexible banking options, and integrated investments in a secure, web-based environment.

COBRA and Billing

TPAs need a proven COBRA solution to grow in this challenging market

Despite the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, American companies are announcing substantial layoffs almost daily as they navigate a struggling economy.

  • Between January 1-May 30, 2023, more than 152,000 workers were laid off by American companies.
  • That doesn’t include unannounced layoffs and those planned by smaller companies, voluntary terminations, and other qualifying events.
Grow with DataPath Solutions

In this market, TPAs need a powerful, proven COBRA solution. Summit COBRA and Billing helps you grow your business by providing a smooth, efficient, and compliant experience for employers, beneficiaries, retirees, and direct billing recipients alike.

Well-Being Benefits

Attracting and retaining top talent requires creativity

Finding and keeping top talent in today’s labor market requires extraordinary innovation. Nearly half of Americans who leave jobs cite benefit dissatisfaction as one of their primary reasons for leaving.

of employers offer well-being benefits

Partner with DataPath to offer well-being benefits and reduce employee turnover for your clients. With DataPath Summit, TPAs can offer a full suite of well-being benefits – Lifestyle Spending Accounts, student loan reimbursement programs, disaster relief, and more – supported by a full-featured mobile app and customizable debit card.

Payment Solutions

Leverage new opportunities from payment solutions in a cashless society

As we grow closer to a society in which digital payments have made cash transactions practically obsolete, debit card options and card processing capabilities grow more important to employee benefits.

  • DataPath COMPASS™ is the customizable debit card that supports nearly any program parameters.
  • Our Medicare Solutions debit card supports employer-sponsored Medicare Advantage Employer Group Waiver Plans (EGWPs) and HRA reimbursement plans for employees and retirees.
  • DataPath’s extensive card processing services are available for all administrative systems and all plan types.
Grow with DataPath Solutions

Partner with DataPath to maximize your electronic payment opportunities and grow your business. DataPath has been an end-to-end card processor for more than a decade and transactions are processed by our experienced, U.S.-based card services team.


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