DataPath Inc. Expands Approved Transit Options with uberPOOL Partnership Announcement

DataPath Transit now accepting uberPOOL

Little Rock, Arkansas, October 16, 2017 – DataPath Inc., a leading platform provider for tax-advantaged benefit administration, has announced a partnership with Uber’s rideshare service uberPOOL. Beginning on Monday, October 16, DataPath’s clients can offer transit account holders the ability to use their benefits debit cards to pay for an uberPOOL.

“Ridesharing has emerged as a practical and effective transportation solution. Whether it be for a last-minute ride or for an every-day commute, Uber and uberPOOL are simply convenient to use,” says DataPath vice president, Greg Licata. “Understanding the popularity of these ridesharing services, we felt that incorporating them to our list of approved transit options was essential. This is great news for our clients and their transit account holders because commuters can continue to use Uber, a ride sharing app that they are familiar with, and redeem their transit benefits at the same time.”

This agreement enables transit account holders to take advantage of more transit options with uberPOOL, an Uber service that requires riders to share a ride with up to five other people picked up from multiple locations nearby.

Specifically, transit participants can use their account-linked benefits debit cards to pay for an uberPOOL using section 132 funds. These plans are available in many major metros around the United States. With more transit options available, commuters have even more control over their set-aside dollars.

Additionally, TPAs that administer 132 plan transit accounts will now be able to advertise uberPOOL as part of the service. DataPath’s partnership with uberPOOL will extend to current 132 plan participants, as well as to new transit benefit registrants.

This partnership further signals DataPath’s commitment to helping its TPA clients offer leading benefits that are relevant to today’s workforce. With the addition of uberPOOL to DataPath’s transit options, transit account holders will have one less thing to worry about on their commute to and from work.

With DataPath Summit, a cloud-based, full-service platform for tax-advantaged benefits account administration, TPAs can administer section 132 accounts with ease. Summit allows nearly unlimited plan design and allows administrators to design a unique, account-based plan for consumer-driven healthcare and benefits. Partnering with uberPOOL will be an added benefit for account holders and create little to no extra work for administrators.

About DataPath: DataPath, Inc. is a privately-owned business based in Little Rock, AR. Since 1984, DataPath has been creating solutions for the administration of consumer directed healthcare accounts, premium billing, and payments. The company is also an end-to-end card and payments processor. For more information, visit

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