Flash Flood Video from DataPath Offices Makes National News

On Wednesday, March 30, the Little Rock area was hit by a flash flood due to heavy rains. Some estimates show that central Arkansas received four inches of rain over a two-hour period. The torrential rain affected many areas around the city as it overwhelmed drainage systems, creeks, and other waterways.

At the DataPath offices at 1601 Westpark Drive, the deluge caused flash flooding that submerged employees’ vehicles and created a chaotic scene as dumpsters floated through the swiftly moving waters and crashed into parked cars. DataPath employees rushed to move their vehicles and assist others during this frantic event. Many employees watched the action from the rear of the building and the company’s social media analyst, Jessi Hardy, captured some video and posted it to Twitter. The video was quickly picked up by local and national news services, such as The Weather Channel, The Huffington Post and USA Today.

The clip shows a green recycling dumpster being swept along a fence line through the current, as it heads toward a parked truck. One associate implores others to help out the truck owner. The frenzy was captured perfectly by Ms. Hardy.

DataPath is grateful for the teamwork shown by its employees and also prays that all those affected by this severe weather event are okay.

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