Testimonial: A Focus on Quality and Client Care Forges a Strong Partnership

CDH Account

Diversified Administration, Inc., a third party administration firm, seeks to deliver top quality to its clients.

The company focuses on helping employees to maximize take-home pay and businesses to increase tax savings, lower premiums, and generate increased employee loyalty. To accomplish this, Diversified Administration, Inc. partnered with DataPath to administer consumer directed healthcare (CDH) accounts as well as COBRA and Retiree billing.


Employer-sponsored benefits have become standard in most professional workplaces across the United States. Some are mandatory, such as COBRA benefits, while others are discretionary including CDH accounts like Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs).

The adoption of these benefits within the workplace created a market for third party administrators (TPAs) to help companies and employees with account administration. TPAs seek to provide their clients a variety of high quality administrative services at a reasonable price.

The Client

Diversified Administration, Inc., of Hollywood, Florida, offers an array of services to employers, including COBRA and Retiree Billing, FSAs, MERPs and HRAs, and Transit accounts. The company formed in 1990 and partnered with DataPath in 2000.

The Problem

One of Diversified Administration, Inc.’s main goals is to help employers and employees make the most of their benefits and reduce tax burdens. Diversified Administration, Inc. serves a large and diverse population in South Florida, including Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and has expanded its customer base to serve a large number of clients in Chicago, New York, New Jersey, and Texas. The TPA sought to partner with a company that could provide both quality services and features for their clients and simplify benefits administration for their staff at a fair price.

The Solution: DataPath CDH Account and Billing Solutions

After meeting several DataPath executives at an industry conference, Susan Luskin, President and CEO of Diversified Administration, Inc., was impressed with the company’s leadership and decided to learn more about what DataPath could offer her company and her clients through its CDH Account and Billing Solutions.

Diversified Administration, Inc. utilizes DataPath solutions for FSA and HRA accounts, helping clients maximize their tax savings while taking better control over their healthcare. In addition, with clients located near major metros throughout the country, the TPA offers Transit accounts which help with commuter-related expenses. The administration firm also offers its clients account-linked debit cards to enable account holders to easily access their set-aside funds. Finally, Diversified Administration, Inc. uses DataPath Retiree Billing and COBRA solutions to easily bill and collect from those who need continuing insurance coverage after job loss or retirement.

The Results

Diversified Administration, Inc.’s staff and clients are both very happy with DataPath’s products and services.

Their clients like the convenience of submitting online claims, making COBRA payments through ACH, and paying online. In addition, DataPath’s bilingual COBRA forms with English and Spanish make it very easy for Spanish-speaking workers to read and interpret. The bilingual forms are integral to Diversified Administration, Inc.’s client outreach.

The TPA’s staff members find that their account administration work is simplified because DataPath CDH Account and Billing solutions are so well integrated. For instance, when an FSA is terminated, the system automatically displays a COBRA notification for the administrator to take action for that account. This functionality helps them perform more accurate billing and stay compliant. DataPath CDH account solutions also take the complexity out of claims entry and processing.

CDH Account

Susan Luskin finds great value in DataPath’s pricing because it allows her company to be competitive in the marketplace while giving their clients quality service.

With the account-linked debit cards, DataPath solutions help the Diversified Administration, Inc.’s team process claims accurately. For example, if an account holder with a $1,000 annual election swipes the card for $800 and later submits a claim for $300, then the system will only allow reimbursement for $200 so as not to exceed the annual election. The company uses this debit card integration with the administrative systems as a significant selling point for their services.

The Relationship Between DataPath and Diversified Administration, Inc.

Over their 16-year relationship, both companies have grown and evolved significantly.

Each year, members of the Diversified Administration, Inc. staff attend DataPath’s annual conferences to network, meet face-to-face with the DataPath team, and receive ongoing industry education. Susan likes that the DataPath staff, from the CEO to the Client Success Consultants and Customer Support team, are all very personable and willing to do what it takes to satisfy their clients.

diversified administration inc

Susan appreciates DataPath’s dedication to customer support and its continual focus on building and maintaining strong relationships with its clients.

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